What does DTLR stand for shoes?

What does DTLR stand for shoes?

What does DTLR stand for shoes?

Downtown Locker Room
DTLR, formerly Downtown Locker Room, specializes in trendy footwear, apparel and accessories and store formats designed to have a high-energy atmosphere with the look and feel of an independent retailer.

What was DTLR called before?

The retailer got its start as Downtown Locker Room and later rebranded under the DTLR name. It merged with Philadelphia-based Sneaker Villa in 2017 and is now majority-owned by BRS & Co., a New York-based private equity investment firm, and Goode Capital.

Did villa buy DTLR?

(Reuters) – JD Sports Fashion said on Monday it had transferred the ownership of Baltimore-based retailer DTLR Villa to its U.S. unit to align all its businesses in the country under one entity. JD, Britain’s biggest sportswear retailer, bought DTLR in February for $495 million.

Who owns DTLR shoes?

DTLR, which was established in 1982, is majority owned by BRS & Co and Goode Capital and operates from 247 stores across 19 states, mostly in the north and east U.S. JD, which also owns Footpatrol and Cloggs, entered the U.S. market in 2018 with the acquisition of Finish Line.

Is DTLR black owned?

Black History Month Spotlight: DTLR’s Antonio Gray Has Been Creating Inroads for Black-Owned Businesses His Whole Career.

Is DTLR and Villa the same?

and Goode Partners LLC completed a transaction that will merge DTLR, Inc. (“DTLR”) and Sneaker Villa, Inc. (“VILLA”) to form a leader in lifestyle footwear and apparel retailing.

Why did Villa change to DTLR?

“This merger will allow us to better serve our customers, employees and vendor partners” said Glenn Gaynor, Chief Executive Officer of DTLR. “The combination will allow us to enhance the consumer experience by leveraging the best practices of both VILLA and DTLR.

What does DTLR mean?


Acronym Definition
DTLR Downtown Locker Room (various locations)
DTLR Department of Transport, Local Government and the Regions (UK)

Who bought Sneaker Villa?

Sports retail giant JD Sports Fashion Plc has completed its US$495m acquisition of US athletic footwear and apparel streetwear retailer DTLR Villa in a move that extends its presence in the north and east of the United States. Based in Baltimore, Maryland, and previously majority-owned by BRS & Co.

What does EOM stand for Dtlr?


Acronym Definition
EOM Equipment Original Manufacturer
EOM Electro-Optic Modulator
EOM Enterprise Order Management (software)
EOM Expenditure on Manpower

What’s the meaning of TL DR?

too long; didn’t read
1 : too long; didn’t read — used to say that something would require too much time to read It was 70 years ago that poet W.H. Auden published “The Age of Anxiety,” a six-part verse framing modern humankind’s condition over the course of more than 100 pages, and now it seems we are too rattled to even sit down and read …

What does DTLR mean in slang?