What does Ilsa mean?

What does Ilsa mean?

What does Ilsa mean?

pledged to God
Ilsa Origin and Meaning The name Ilsa is girl’s name of German, Spanish, Dutch origin meaning “pledged to God”. Ilsa is remembered as the radiant but tragic heroine of “Casablanca,” and it’s having something of a European resurgence.

What nationality is the name Ilsa?

The name Ilsa is primarily a female name of German origin that means Consecrated To God.

What does the name Elsa mean in Islam?

Elsa is Muslim name which means – Elsa is a Turkish-Persian name for girls made up of the Turkish El (people, tribe) and the Persian sa (similar to), creating the meaning of one who looks like kin, meaning friendly, lovable., Snow and Ice, Cute, God’s Promise, God is My Oath, Noble, Nobility, Variant of Elizabeth.

Is Ilsa a boy or girl name?

Ilsa as a girl’s name is related to the Hebrew names Elizabeth and Elsa and the German name Ilse. The meaning of Ilsa is “God’s promise”.

How popular is the name Ilsa?

The name Ilsa is ranked #4126 overall….Ilsa.

Hyphenation: Ilsa
Character length: 4
Popularity: 4126
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Is ILA a name?

Ila is a girl’s name of French origin and means “from the island.” Ila is a short and simple name that evokes images of blissful summers along the French Riviera, lounging on the beach and speeding across hairpin mountain roads like Grace Kelly in To Catch A Thief.

Is Elsa Arabic?

The meaning of Elsa is ‘“one who looks like kin”, “recognizable and lovable”, “friendly and amiable”, it is made up of the Turkish El (“people”, “tribe”) and the Persian sana (“like”, “similar to”)….Elsa Name Meaning.

Name: Elsa
Pronunciation: ‘End + pLay + SAnd’
Origin: ‘Hebrew’
Lucky Number: ‘Elsa lucky number is 1’
Arabic: ‘اَرنَواز’

What is meaning of ANA in Urdu?

Ana name meaning is Prestige, Self Respect.. It is a Muslim Girl name with lucky number 7. Ana is an Urdu name that is widely popular in all Muslim countries. It is often used to form names in combination with other words.

What kind of name is Isla?

Origin: Isla is a Scottish name derived from the name of an island. It is also a Spanish name meaning “Island.” Gender: Isla is commonly used as a girl name.

Can ELSA be a boy name?

Elsa Origin / Usage is ‘ Hebrew Baby Names ‘ . This name is especially approved for ‘Girls’ Gender. The lucky number for Elsa is ‘Elsa lucky number is 1’.