What does Nettable Stock mean?

What does Nettable Stock mean?

What does Nettable Stock mean?

Stock that is available for Materials Requirements Planning (MRP) or Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS).

What is a non-Nettable warehouse?

Here’s a description of a non-nettable location: a location that tracks the actual contents, but that the contents of this location are not considered in the planning process (i.e. are considered to be zero for the purposes of fulfilling demand).

What is Nettable?

Definition of nettable : capable of being netted.

What is Nettable and non-Nettable inventory?

If an item’s location is non-nettable, the quantity on the Item Lot Locations form is not included in the on-hand amount on the Items form. Non-nettable stock has the following restrictions: You cannot ship from a non-nettable location. You cannot withdraw from a non-nettable location.

What is a Nettable warehouse?

Nettable: Enables the warehouse to be automatically involved in the MRP process. If you deselect this checkbox and also deselect the Drop Ship checkbox, you make this warehouse a non-nettable warehouse.

What is Nettable and non Nettable inventory?

What is a Subinventory in Oracle?

Subinventories are unique physical or logical separations of material inventory, such as raw inventory, finished goods, or defective material. All material within an organization is held in a subinventory therefore, you must define at least one subinventory.

What is difference between inventory and Subinventory in Oracle Apps?

A receiving subinventory is used to temporarily store material before it is placed in a storage subinventory. Material in a receiving subinventory is not reflected in on-hand quantity. An inventory organization does not need to contain a receiving subinventory.

What is a Subinventory?

What is asset Subinventory?

Material. Enter a general ledger account to accumulate material costs for items received into this subinventory. This is usually an asset account used for the value of goods stored in this subinventory.