What invention did Albert Einstein invent?

What invention did Albert Einstein invent?

What invention did Albert Einstein invent?

Gas absorption heat pump
Einstein refrigerator
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What are 3 inventions of Albert Einstein?

As we look back on this innovative thinker, here are some of Albert Einstein’s most significant achievements.

  • Quantum Theory of Light.
  • Special Theory of Relativity.
  • Avogadro’s Number.
  • The Bose-Einstein Condensate.
  • General Theory of Relativity.
  • The Photoelectric Effect.
  • Wave-Particle Duality.

What are 5 things Albert Einstein invented?

Some inventions and contributions of Einstein are Avogadro’s Number, Quantum Theory of Light, General Theory of Relativity, Special Theory of Relativity, The Photoelectric Effect, Wave-Particle Duality, Brownian movement, the relationship between mass and energy, Bose-Einstein Condensate, and many more.

What was Albert Einstein’s best invention?

theory of relativity
Albert Einstein is justly famous for devising his theory of relativity, which revolutionized our understanding of space, time, gravity, and the universe.

What did Albert Einstein invent and the year?

In 1916, Einstein presented his general theory of relativity, proposing that gravity is a curved field in the space-time continuum created by the existence of mass. He received the 1921 Nobel Prize in Physics for his discovery of the law of the photoelectric effect and his work in theoretical physics.

How many things did Albert Einstein invent?

Even a child knows his name, not to speak of adults. However, while Einstein is known as a great theoretical physicist, few possibly knew that he had more than 50 patents in his names and in several counties.

Did Albert Einstein invent electricity?

Answer and Explanation: Albert Einstein did not invent electricity. Electricity was understood by American polymath Benjamin Franklin during the 18th century, though it was…