What is a failing grade at WVU?

What is a failing grade at WVU?

What is a failing grade at WVU?

Grading System

Grade Description
C Fair (Average for undergraduate students)
D Poor but passing (Cannot be counted for graduate credit)
F Failure
I Incomplete

Who should you contact before dropping a class at WVU?

If you are considering withdrawing from any courses, it is important to contact the WVU Hub and your academic advisor before withdrawing to ensure you understand the consequences of withdrawal.

What is a level restriction WVU?

If you are receiving a registration error that says “level restriction,” it is because you are trying to register for a class that is not taught on WVU’s main campus. Make sure you select “main campus” prior to searching for classes.

How do I drop out of WVU?

Send an email from your MIX Account only to [email protected]. Please include your full name, last 4 digits of your student identification number, reason for your withdrawal, address and telephone number.

When can I drop a class WVU?

If you make no payment towards your bill, you will eventually be dropped from classes for non-payment. You may drop a course with a 100% refund through your STAR account during the Add/Drop period. No official record of your registration will be retained for courses dropped during this period.

How do I drop a summer class at WVU?

You may drop individual classes using the web registration system. If you follow all established University procedures and withdraw before the published deadline, you will receive a W on your transcript. You should, however, consult with your adviser before dropping a class.

How do I use WVU schedule builder?

Accessing Schedule Builder: Accessing Schedule Builder can be accomplished 2 ways: through the WVU portal or directly through STAR. Through the WVU PORTAL (portal.wvu.edu) students will first need to Login and Select the SCHEDULE BUILDER ICON located at the top of the page.