What is a synonym for Fuliginous?

What is a synonym for Fuliginous?

What is a synonym for Fuliginous?

Delphic, double-edged, elliptical. (or elliptic), enigmatic.

What is another word for Subjoin?

What is another word for subjoin?

add adjoin
annexeUK annexUS
append adhere
affix bind
connect couple

Is Experimentative a word?

Experimentative definition Experimental; of the nature of experiment.

What is Experimentative?

Definition of experimentative : inclined to experimentation : having the characteristics of an experiment.

What does dusky skin mean?

Definition of dusky 1 : somewhat dark in color specifically : having dark skin. 2 : marked by slight or deficient light : shadowy.

What is Subjoint?

Definition of subjoint : a secondary joint (as of a segment of an arthropod limb)

What is the difference between experiment and experimentation?

“Experiment” refers to a particular ontrolled test. “Experimentation” means “experiments” in a collective sense or in general or the discipline of conducting experiments.

Who is called an experimenter?

1. experimenter – a research worker who conducts experiments. investigator, research worker, researcher – a scientist who devotes himself to doing research. 2. experimenter – a person who enjoys testing innovative ideas; “she was an experimenter in new forms of poetry”

What is non experimental?

Non-experimental research is research that lacks the manipulation of an independent variable. Rather than manipulating an independent variable, researchers conducting non-experimental research simply measure variables as they naturally occur (in the lab or real world).

What is Fuligin?

Noun. fuligin (uncountable) soot, lampblack. quotations ▼ a hypothetical colour darker than black.