What is another way to say good and bad?

What is another way to say good and bad?

What is another way to say good and bad?

The words “good” and “bad” express how we feel about something….Synonyms for “Bad”

Definition Example Synonyms
Low quality or faulty A bad diet can cause health issues. deficient, inadequate, mediocre, poor
Of a very low quality Bathing in a tub of scorpions was a bad idea. awful, dreadful, terrible, unacceptable

What is another word that means etiquette?

In this page you can discover 28 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for etiquette, like: manners, behavior, courtesy, netiquette, decorum, formalities, good form, social-graces, good-manners, propriety and usual.

How do you say bad professionally?


  1. appalling.
  2. awful.
  3. bad.
  4. beastly.
  5. detestable.
  6. disgusting.
  7. dreadful.
  8. execrable.

What are the three words of etiquette?


  • decorum,
  • mannerliness,
  • politeness.
  • How do you email etiquette?

    15 essential email etiquette rules that every professional needs…

    1. Use a direct subject line.
    2. Use a professional email address.
    3. The “reply-all” button should be used sparingly.
    4. Add a professional email signature.
    5. Use professional greetings.
    6. Be wary of excessive exclamation points.
    7. Be careful when using humor.

    What are 5 synonyms for bad?

    unpleasant, disagreeable, unwelcome, unfortunate, unfavourable, unlucky, adverse, nasty.

  • terrible, dreadful, awful, grim, distressing, regrettable.
  • archaic, humorous parlous.
  • What is an email etiquette?

    Email etiquette is a set of implied protocols on writing or answering emails in a socially or professionally acceptable way. The etiquette varies depending on whom you are sending it to and differs for professional and personal emails.

    What is bad email etiquette?

    Being too casual. While the tone of your message should reflect your relationship with the recipient, Haefner says, too much informality will make you come across as unprofessional. She advises being judicious in your use of exclamation points, emoticons, colored text, fancy fonts, and SMS shorthand.

    What are email ethics?

    Email etiquette means the principles that guide our behavior when sending and receiving emails. This code of conduct includes guidelines regarding appropriate language, spelling, grammar, and manners. The proper etiquette depends on whom you are emailing.

    What is a formal word for bad?

    2 depraved, corrupt, base, sinful, criminal, atrocious.