What is high content imaging?

What is high content imaging?

What is high content imaging?

High content imaging applies automated microscopy, fluorescent detection, and multiparameter algorithms to visualize and quantify the interaction of therapeutics in cell populations.

What is content imaging?

High content imaging (HCI) is an area of imaging where the aim is to maximize data capture. Any kind of imaging can be high-content if the objective is to obtain as much data as feasibly possible, regardless of imaging system, sample, magnification, fluorophores, and camera used.

How does high content screening work?

High-throughput screening (HTS) is a drug discovery process that allows automated testing of large numbers of chemical and/or biological compounds for a specific biological target, for example through binding assays.

What defines high throughput and high content screens?

HTS is a method of testing thousands of compounds rapidly in parallel for their activity in one or more biological assays. The basic components of HTS are a miniaturized biological assay, automated transfers and liquid handling steps, and automated quantitative readout of the assays.

What is HCA in biology?

High-content screening (HCS), also known as high-content analysis (HCA) or cellomics, is a method that is used in biological research and drug discovery to identify substances such as small molecules, peptides, or RNAi that alter the phenotype of a cell in a desired manner.

Why is high throughput screening important?

The main goal of the HTS technique is to accelerate drug discovery by screening large compound libraries at a rate that may exceed a few thousand compounds per day or per week. It is of vital importance, because parallel and combinatorial chemical synthesis generates a vast number of novel compounds.

What is high throughput analysis?

High-throughput (HT) analysis is becoming more and more important. It means analysis of dozens, hundreds, or even thousands of samples per day in a given laboratory or on a particular instrument.

What is an example of high-throughput technology?

Other technologies that enable high-throughput include automation, robotics, and liquid-handling robotics.

What is HCA test?

DNA test – HCA (Hereditary cerebellar ataxia)

What is a HCA nurse?

A Healthcare Assistant, or HCA cares for patients in a hospital, residential care facility or a patient’s home. Their duties include assisting patients with daily activities, checking vital signs and assisting nursing staff when necessary.