What is industrial complex analysis?

What is industrial complex analysis?

What is industrial complex analysis?

Industrial Complex Analysis. The objective of industrial complex analysis is to estimate the cost advantages of various combinations of industrial activities for a region in order to identify its most favorable development projects.

What is the poverty industrial complex?

The poverty industrial complex refers to private corporations taking over social services functions that were formerly provided by government agencies.

Who is the military industrial complex?

Eisenhower famously called the “military-industrial complex” — form the foundations of our national defense. Since 9/11, between one-third and half of the nearly $14 trillion the Pentagon has spent went to for-profit defense contractors.

Which countries have military industrial complex?

Military industrial complex: These 15 countries have the largest defense budgets

  1. United States ($600.4 billion) (Patrick Baz/AFP/Getty Images)
  2. China ($112.2 billion)
  3. Russia ($68.2 billion)
  4. Saudi Arabia ($59.6 billion)
  5. United Kingdom ($57 billion)
  6. France ($52.4 billion)
  7. Japan ($51 billion)
  8. Germany ($44.2 billion)

What do you mean by industrial building?

Industrial building means a building or part thereof wherein products or material are fabricated, assembled or processed, such as assembly plants, laboratories, power plants, refineries, gas plants, mills, dairies and factories.

What is the agricultural industrial complex?

Agro-Industrial Complex is a term that exists to identify combination of several sectors of economy that provide mass production of food and consumer goods. The term is more common in countries of command economy, particularly the former Soviet Union where the term appeared in 1970s.

Who profits from the poverty industry?

The poor pay more for everything, and such transactions are highly profitable for those selling goods and services to the poor. Profits are made on the labor of the poor, the consumption of the poor, and the debt of the poor; meanwhile the poor remain—poor.

What businesses prey on the poor?

The following five are some of the worst offenders.

  1. Payday Lenders. There are over 19,000 payday loan outlets across the United States.
  2. ‘Buy here, pay here’ Car Lots. You will pay a steep markup on the car itself and will be hit again on the interest rate.
  3. Used Car Leasing.
  4. Rent To Own.
  5. Banks.

What did President Eisenhower say about the military-industrial complex?

Our toil, resources, and livelihood are all involved. So is the very structure of our society. In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex.

How does the rich profit from war?

A distinction can be made between war profiteers who gain by sapping military strength and those who gain by contributing to the war. For instance, during and after World War II, enormous profits were available by selling rationed goods like cigarettes, chocolate, coffee and butter on the black market.

What are examples of industrial buildings?

Types of Industrial Buildings Defined (Warehouse, Flex,…

  • Bulk distribution warehouses.
  • Manufacturing buildings.
  • Cold storage buildings.
  • Data centers.
  • Flex buildings.

What are the characteristics of industrial buildings?

Characteristic features include large and long facades; large, unbroken blank walls and glass surfaces, corresponding to a single, undivided internal space; and repeated faces of parallel spans.

What is industrial complex?

The industrial complex concept has also been used informally to denote the artificial creation, inflation, or manipulation of an institution’s societal value in order to increase profit opportunities, especially through specialty businesses and niche products. An example of this is the marriage industrial complex, where demand for wedding dress

How do businesses within an industrial complex profit?

Businesses within an industrial complex may have been created to advance a social or political goal, but mostly profit when the goal is not reached. The industrial complex may profit financially from maintaining socially detrimental or inefficient systems.

Who introduced the term military industrial complex?

The concept was popularized by President Dwight Eisenhower in his Jan. 17, 1961 farewell speech. Eisenhower described a “threat to democratic government” called the military industrial complex.

What is the meaning of the financial system?

Finance is defined as the providing of funding and management of money for individuals, businesses, and governments. The financial system includes the circulation of money, managing of investments, and lending of funds.