What is Interlux paint?

What is Interlux paint?

What is Interlux paint?

Interlux Paint & Varnish. Formed in 1881, Interlux is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance yacht and marine coating and offers the highest standard of care for all kinds of vessels and is established as an integral part of boat building and maintenance.

Is vc17m discontinued?

Discontinued: VC 17m Extra – Hard Antifouling Paint with Biolux.

What is VC 17?

VC 17m is a high-performance, friction-reducing antifouling formulated with fluoro-microadditive to produce a super-smooth racing finish. The coating is up to eight times thinner than traditional paint, reducing weight and drag surface, while virtually eliminating paint build-up.

Who makes Interlux paint?

A division of AkzoNobel, Interlux® is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of high performance boat paint, yacht coatings and marine protection.

How do I remove VC 17 bottom paint?

A: You cannot put any paint over VC 17 except more VC 17. Fortunately, it is a fairly easy paint to remove. What remains after a vigorous power wash can usually be removed with acetone, xylene or even denatured alcohol and a bag of rags. (You will need both skin and lung protection if you use these solvents.)

How much vc17 do I need?

I have found that one can will cover about 100 sq ft as a seasonal repaint, per coat (Interlux estimates 340 sq ft per gallon, so its at least in the ballpark). Interlux recommends 2 to 3 coats, but I have found that a single annual coat, especially boating in Michigan where the season only lasts 6 months, is adequate.

How do I apply for vc17m?

Method Apply 23 coats on the area to be coated per season. Do not sand between coats of VC 17m Extra with Biolux. Hints Mixing Pour the powder (stored under the plastic hat) into the can. Stir or shake thoroughly.

How long does vc17 take to dry?

In 50 deg weather – it dries in about 2 minutes. In 80 degree weather – just seconds. In hot weather, you can literally see the paint dry on the hull as you apply it.

Is Trilux 33 ablative?

As an ablative paint with a slow polishing action, Trilux 33 is a good choice for fast, active, frequently used boats.

What is Interlux vc-17m bottom paint?

Interlux VC-17m bottom paint provides thin film antifouling protection- ideal for racing sailboats and powerboats Biolux Technology will block both slime and algae growth

Can you use VC 17m on hard paint?

Hard paints that are in good condition may be overcoated with VC 17m but must be sanded thoroughly to a smooth surface prior to applying VC 17m. Sand first with 80-grit sandpaper and work successively up the grades to 320-grit sandpaper.

How do you apply vc17m extra?

Apply VC17m Extra using a short nap roller or 4-6″ airless spray gun (full pressure, 60-70 thou. tip). For rollers, add up to 10% thinner for ease of application. If rolling, use small amounts poured into a steel roller tray.

Why use the vc-17m on my vessel?

Note color may change after several weeks of immersion. (See chart below) Application of the VC-17M is easy and drying time is minimal. This means less downtime and quicker re-launch of your vessel. This product can also be used on inflatables to help increase the longevity of your inflatables.