What is the average AQI in Beijing?

What is the average AQI in Beijing?

What is the average AQI in Beijing?

As of June 2017, the average monthly air quality index in Beijing stood at 40.13, which is within the “Good” range, making it one of the months with better air quality compared to the rest of the year.

Does Beijing have good air quality?

“At present, the PM2. 5 concentration in Beijing fails to meet national ambient air quality standards and far exceeds the levels recommended by the World Health Organization,” said Yu Jianhua, Deputy Head of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Ecology and Environment.

What is the average AQI in China?

However, air quality can vary greatly over the course of a year. Beijing’s average AQI in February 2020, for example, reached 155, while it was a moderate 73 in September. Daily AQI averages can climb to much higher levels. Beijing’s peak average daily AQI in 2020 reached 262, which the EPA considers very unhealthy.

Is Beijing very polluted?

Of the twenty cities with the worst air pollution worldwide, 16 are located in China, including Beijing. Due to this extensive air pollution, China’s Environmental Sustainability Index is ranked near the bottom among countries worldwide.

How did Beijing improve air quality?

Taken measures to strengthen the comprehensive control of air pollution in industrial enterprises. Promoted the control of bulk coal and the reduction and replacement of coal consumption. Carried out special rectification of the emissions of diesel trucks exceeding the national standards.

Where in China has the worst air quality?

The 10 cities with the worst air quality: Anyang, Xingtai, Shijiazhuang, Handan, Linfen, Tangshan, Taiyuan, Zibo, Jiaozuo, Jincheng.

What city in China has the worst air pollution?

Rankings: Most Polluted Cities in China (2020)

  • Anyang Henan Province (44 μg/m3)
  • Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province (43 μg/m3)
  • Xinxiang, Henan Province (41 μg/m3)
  • Xuchang, Henan Province (41 μg/m3)
  • Tianjin, Tianjin Province (40 μg/m3)
  • Taiyuan, Shanxi Province (39 μg/m3)
  • Zhengzhou, Henan Province (39 μg/m3)

Does Beijing have clean air?

Beijing’s air quality has improved dramatically since then. Last year, concentrations of the minuscule and more dangerous pollutant known as PM2. 5 met national standards of 35 micrograms per cubic meter of air for the first time.

Which country has best air quality?

Air Quality Results

Country Current Rank Baseline Rank
Australia 1 6
Barbados 1 1
Jordan 3 2
Denmark 5 8