What is the cost of Chippiparai?

What is the cost of Chippiparai?

What is the cost of Chippiparai?

Normally one may have to spend anywhere from Rs. 5000 to Rs. 22000, with the average being around Rs. 10000, for the Chippiparai itself depending on the breeder, pet store and the area.

Where can I find Chippiparai?

The Chippiparai is most frequently found in the regions of Tirunelveli, Thenkasi, Thoothukudi, and Madurai, thought to be descended from Salukis the breed was historically kept by royalty in southern India, its name derived from a village of the same name in Madurai.

Is Chippiparai good for home?

Chippiparai Dogs are not friendly with strangers, children, cats, and other pets at home. They are good with other dogs of whichever breed it is! If you want more and more dogs in your family, then you can keep it with a Chippiparai breed as well.

Is Chippiparai and kanni same?

“Kanni” refers to the black and tan and black and sable varieties, while the variety which is one colour is known as the Chippiparai. However some experts claim both Kanni and Chippiparai dogs to be distinct dogs.

What is the speed of Chippiparai?

Chippiparai dog 61km/hr top speed tested tamilnadu Indian breed 1 – YouTube.

Which dog is best Chippiparai or Rajapalayam?

Key Diffrence Between Chippiparai and Rajapalayam Comperison

Category Chippiparai Rajapalayam
Prone to Obesity No No
Veterinarian Visits Rare Rare
Affinity to water Medium Medium
Guide Dog No No

Which is the fastest dog in India?

The Rampur Greyhound is a breed of sighthound native to the Rampur region of Northern India, which lies between Delhi and Bareilly.

What is the height of Rajapalayam dog?

Height at wither ranges from 55 to 72 cm in males and 38-70 in females. Adult body weight ranges 14 to 32 Kg. Rajapalayam dogs are utilized for guarding of farm and farm houses. These possess the attributes of high obedience and easy trainability.

How fast is Chippiparai?

How fast can Chippiparai run?

Chippiparai dogs are excellent in coursing. Chippiparai can hit speeds over 60 kmph, making them the perfect game dog.

Is Rajapalayam dog good for first time owners?

Answer: The Rajapalayam Dogs are generally not very friendly and warm to strangers. These canines mostly remain very reserved and quiet around strangers and they are not known to trust a new person very easily. And that’s why proper training and socialization are very important for these canines.

What kind of dog is Chippiparai?

The Chippiparai is a sighthound breed of dog from the south of India. It is a solid and single coloured version of indigenous hound dog of Tamil Nadu; today it is found in the area around Periyar Lake, while black and tan and black and sable versions are called Kanni.

What does a Chippiparai look like?

The tail is long, narrow and always carried in a sickle-like curve. The average Chippiparai is 31 to 38 inches tall and weighs between 15 and 20kgs.

What is a Chippiparai sighthound?

The Chippiparai has typical streamlined sighthound features with long legs and a lean and lithe frame built for speed, the breed is usually white in colour although other colours can be found, it averages 61 centimetres (24 in) in height at the withers, dogs averaging 63 centimetres (25 in) and bitches 56 centimetres (22 in).

Where was the Chippiparai most popular?

The Chippiparai was most popular with the royalty of Madurai, Thanjavur, and Tirunelveli. The Chippiparai was used as a coursing dog.