What is the Ellas form of Conducir?

What is the Ellas form of Conducir?

What is the Ellas form of Conducir?

Conducir is a Spanish verb meaning to drive. Conducir is conjugated as an irregular verb in the preterite tense….Conducir Conjugation: Preterite Tense.

yo conduje
ellos/ellas condujeron

How do you use Conducir?

Example Sentences I know how to drive, I finally passed the test. No me gusta conducir, el tráfico me estresa. I don’t like driving, traffic stresses me out. Qué despacio conduces.

What is the present subjunctive of Conducir?

Subject Pronouns Conducir: Present Subjunctive Translation
conduzcas you drive
él/ella/usted conduzca he/she drives – you formal drive
nosotros/as conduzcamos we drive
vosotros/as conduzcáis you all drive

Is Conducir imperfect or preterite?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb conducir in Imperfect tense.

What is the preterite tense of Conducir?

Using the chart below you can learn how to conjugate the Spanish verb conducir in Preterite tense….Mode: Indicative.

Personal Pronoun Conjugation
Yo conduje
Tu condujiste
El/Ella condujo
Nosotros condujimos

What is the past participle of Conducir?

driven conducido
Other Forms

Present Participle driving conduciendo
Past Participle driven conducido

Is Conducir a stem changer?

Notice how there is an important spelling change in all preterite forms. Conducir, like many other irregular verbs, is a verb with j preterite stems where the c becomes a j. Sometimes even native speakers forget this rule.

What is the preterite stem for Conducir?

Here you have a list of irregular verbs and their stems in the preterite.

Irregular Verb Preterite Stem
conducir conduj
producir produj
traducir traduj
detener detuv

What is the preterite conjugation of Conducir?

What is Conducir in the preterite?

Preterite Tense – Verb Conducir Conducir means to drive. It is irregular in the preterite. yo. conduje.

What type of verb is morir?

irregular Spanish -IR verb
Morir is an irregular Spanish -IR verb that means “to die”—either literally or figuratively.

How do you conjugate conducir in Spanish?

In the imperative conjugation, conducir uses its regular stem conduc for ‘tú’ and ‘vosotros’. However, notice that for the rest of the plural forms, you’ll need to use ‘conduzc’. Take Note: Given that the negative imperative follows the conjugations of the present subjunctive, in this case, ‘conducir’ will be irregular.

How do you use conducir in the present tense?

Conducir in the present tense only has irregularities for the person ‘yo’. This means that for this person, you’ll use the conduz while for the rest of the subjects you’ll use conduc. Despite the irregularities, remember that ‘conducir’ is an -IR verb. So, make sure you add the proper endings underlined in the table below.

What does conducirse mean in Spanish?

The reflexive form conducirse is formally used to describe a person’s behavior in a certain situation. As a result, in this context, ‘conducirse’ is translated ‘to behave’, ‘to act’ or ‘to conduct oneself’. El niño se condujo muy bien en el museo.

What is the conjugation for drive in Spanish?

The same is true when conjugating some Spanish irregular verbs, like the word conducir. This very useful verb is normally translated as “to drive,” but can also be used to refer to actions such as “to host” or “to lead,” among others.