What is the postal code for ipaja?

What is the postal code for ipaja?

What is the postal code for ipaja?

Ipaja, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos, Lagos is located in Nigeria. Its zip code is 100278.

What is the postal code of ipaja ayobo Lagos?

Ayobo St., Lagos – Postcode – 100278.

Does Lagos have a postal code?

The main postal head office in each region will have a postal code ending in 0001, so Garki Main HO in Abuja has the postal code 900001, Ikeja HO in Lagos has 100001, Lokoja in Kogi has 270001 and Port Harcourt has 500001. The lowest postcode is 100001 and the highest is 982002.

What is Yaba ZIP postal code?

Yaba/Zip codes

Is Iyana Ipaja and ipaja the same?

As the name implies, Iyana Ipaja in Yoruba language means a road or branch off to Ipaja town. The location presently known as Iyana Ipaja, according to the Baale of Mosaku, High Chief Waheed Mosaku, came about its present name after the construction of the Lagos-Abeokuta expressway by the Federal Government.

Which LCDA is Iyana Ipaja?

Alimosho Local Government
Iyana-ipaja is an area in Lagos State, Southwest Nigeria. It is a local council development area (LCDA) under the Alimosho Local Government.

What is Lagos postal code 2020?

List of All Postal Codes in Lagos
Postal Code Code Postal Code Name Local Government Area
102273 Lagos Lagos Island
102313 Amuwo Amuwo Odofin
103242 Ibereko Badagry

What is Lagos area code?

010Lagos / Area code

Is Iyana Ipaja mainland or island?

IYANA IPAJA Another popular area in Lagos, and not surprising to be one of the most populated area in Lagos Island.

Is ipaja a good place to live?

Iyana Ipaja is not one of the most popular places in Lagos. But it is an affordable place to stay, especially for those working at Ikeja. It can be rowdy in the morning at 7:00 am and at night at 7:00 pm. The remedy to this is to leave your house as early as 6:00 am and to leave work at 5:00 pm.

What is the postcode of Ipaja?

Here are the streets in Ipaja and their postcode: Location Postcode Abayomi St 100278 Abesan Housing Est St. 100278 Adebayo St St. 100278 Adenifi St St. 100278

What are the ZIP Codes of Lagos?

Our Lagos zip code will be structured according to those four non-metropolitan Lagos and Metropolitan Lagos. Badagry LGA, Lagos State Zip Codes. Ejinrin – 106102. Epe – 106101. Ikorodu rural areas – 104101. Irepodun – 104102. Badagry LGA, Lagos State Zip Codes.

What is the ZIP code of ibeju lekki?

Erodo – 106103. Ibeju-Lekki LGA Lagos State Zip Codes. Ibeju – 105101. Lekki —105102. Ikorodu LGA, Lagos State zip code. Ikorodu rural areas – 104101. Irepodun – 104102. Metropolitan Lagos zip codes:

What is the ZIP code of abarenji in Nigeria?

For further details click on your exact town. Towns in Lagos City. Postcode (zip code) Abarenji. 100269. Abule Egba. 100276. Abule Ijesha. 100213.