What is the price of gasoline in BC?

What is the price of gasoline in BC?

What is the price of gasoline in BC?

Provincial Current Averages

Alberta 168.5/L
British Columbia 221.3/L
Manitoba 187.5/L
New Brunswick 203.8/L
Newfoundland and Labrador 228.0/L

How are gas prices set in BC?

Each company sets its own rack price. Retail Margin – the BC government has defined retail margin as, “the difference between the amount a retailer pays for gas and diesel and the amount the retailer charges its customers for gas and diesel, excluding taxes” (OIC 254/2019).

What is the price of diesel in BC?

British Columbia Diesel prices, litre Diesel prices: We show prices for British Columbia from 07-Feb-2022 to 16-May-2022. The average value for British Columbia during that period was 2.01 Canadian Dollar with a minimum of 1.71 Canadian Dollar on 07-Feb-2022 and a maximum of 2.28 Canadian Dollar on 09-May-2022.

How much is gasoline in Vancouver today?

Price Station City
225.9 Esso 2501 Westview Dr North Vancouver May 19,11:52 AM North Vancouver
225.9 Esso 2747 Mountain Hwy North Vancouver May 19,11:11 AM North Vancouver
226.9 Shell 1731 Capilano Rd North Vancouver May 19,11:52 AM North Vancouver
226.9 Petro-Canada 1980 Marine Dr North Vancouver May 19,11:52 AM North Vancouver

Where is cheapest gas in BC?

Currently, the 10 cheapest gas stations in British Columbia are all in the Okanagan, with the least expensive fill up coming in the North Okanagan. Both the Centex on Pleasant Valley Road and the Super Save on 32nd Street in Vernon have a posted price of 97.9 cents per litre at the moment.

Why is gas so expensive in BC right now?

Experts too said that oil prices and ongoing supply issues are factors when the price starts to go up. And a carbon tax increase took effect in April in British Columbia, bringing that tax up to 11 cents. According to the province, this adds up to about 2.2 cents per litre.

Where is the most expensive gas in Canada?

In British Columbia, drivers are paying the highest gas prices in the country, with a litre of gas costing more than $2.10 at some stations in Vancouver. Drivers in Vancouver and Victoria also pay the highest gasoline taxes in Canada.

Why is gas so expensive in Canada?

The higher prices come in part because of supply chain disruptions following Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, as well as high demand due to the re-opening of the economy. “Summer demand is right around the corner,” said Dan McTeague, president of Canadians for Affordable Energy.

Where is the cheapest gas in BC right now?

Price Station Address
216.9 Husky 2120 Grandview Hwy N Vancouver May 12,1:48 AM 2120 Grandview Hwy N
216.9 Shell 1295 E 12th Ave Vancouver May 12,1:20 AM 1295 E 12th Ave
216.9 Chevron 2902 Grandview Hwy Vancouver May 12,1:20 AM 2902 Grandview Hwy
216.9 Petro-Canada 2890 E Hastings St Vancouver May 12,1:02 AM 2890 E Hastings St