What is the song Dragonfly about?

What is the song Dragonfly about?

What is the song Dragonfly about?

Dragonfly Song is an uplifting read about a young girl who stands strong and finds her true self. Aissa is born with a birth defect and is sent away from her family.

Who sang future games?

Fleetwood MacFuture Games / ArtistFleetwood Mac are a British-American rock band, formed in London in 1967. Fleetwood Mac were founded by guitarist Peter Green, drummer Mick Fleetwood and guitarist Jeremy Spencer, before bassist John McVie joined the line-up for their self-titled debut album. Danny Kirwan joined as a third guitarist in 1968. Wikipedia

Who wrote dragonfly?

Leila MeachamDragonfly / Author

Are Fleetwood Mac together?

Fleetwood Mac is still together after having taken several breaks working as a band, including a hiatus from the 1997 release of The Dance to the 2003 release of Say You Will. Current members include Mick Fleetwood, John McVie, Christine McVie, and Stevie Nicks.

Was Danny Kirwan a good guitarist?

Guitar style Spencer said, “Peter and I had seen Danny play and thought he was very good. Peter and Danny worked well together.” Fleetwood said, “Danny worked out great from the start. His playing was always very melodic and tuneful, with lots of bent notes and vibrato.

Who played guitar on future games?

This album was also the first of five albums to feature American guitarist Bob Welch. “He was totally different background – R&B, sort of jazzy.

What does a green dragonfly symbolize?

Green Dragonfly Symbolism Dragonflies that are green include the darner, the pondhawk, and other species. Green symbolizes nature, renewal, growth, fertility, and emotions. It also symbolizes financial abundance and security.

Is the book Dragonfly a true story?

Although the characters are fictional, Meacham emphasizes that all references to the missions, structure and official sites of operation of the key German military organizations mentioned in “Dragonfly”— Abwehr, Schutzstaffel and Sicherheitsdienst—are facts drawn from research.