What is the song on the Pizza Hut commercial?

What is the song on the Pizza Hut commercial?

What is the song on the Pizza Hut commercial?

Craig Robinson’s favorite song to listen to while enjoying pizza is “Back It Up” by Trap Beckham. While the song is a catchy tune when played normally, Craig likes to play the record in reverse as it reveals a voice that advises you to eat your slice crust-first.

When was the fast food song released?

2003Fast Food Song / Released

What happened to Fast Food Rockers?

After their attempt at a Christmas single only reached #25, and an album that failed to make the charts, the group disbanded in March 2004.

Who is in the Pizza Hut commercial?

He also has appeared in commercials for Pizza Hut, Dietz & Watson, Walmart, Dodge Motors, and Gain detergent….Craig Robinson (actor)

Craig Robinson
Born October 25, 1971 Chicago, Illinois, U.S.
Medium Film, stand-up, television, singer

Who were the Fast Food Rockers?

Martin RycroftVocals
Ria ScottVocalsLucy MeggittVocals
Fast Food Rockers/Members

Where were the fast food rockers from?

Folkestone, United KingdomFast Food Rockers / Origin

Who’s the black guy that does the Pizza Hut commercials?

To help launch the campaign, Pizza Hut teamed up with new spokesperson, actor and comedian Craig Robinson (who defended our Reel 360’s editor’s name during a stand-up set), for a TV spot directed by Chelsea Picture’s David Gordon Green featuring the actor/comedian playing a retro PAC-MAN game while enjoying a $10 …

Who is in the latest Pizza Hut commercial?

Who is in the latest Pizza Hut commercial? The actor who has apparently been obsessed with Pac-Man for almost four decades is none other than Craig Robinson. This actor/comedian uses his lovable energy to show viewers how many options we have for our pizzas, unlike poor Pac-Man, who has to eat the same dots every day.

What food chain has the most stores?

The World’s Largest Fast Food Restaurant Chains

Rank Name Number of Locations
1 Subway 42,998
2 McDonald’s 37,200
3 Starbucks 30,000
4 KFC 20,404