What is the summary of Lucy movie?

What is the summary of Lucy movie?

What is the summary of Lucy movie?

When a boyfriend tricks Lucy (Scarlett Johansson) into delivering a briefcase to a supposed business contact, the once-carefree student is abducted by thugs who intend to turn her into a drug mule. She is surgically implanted with a package containing a powerful chemical, but it leaks into her system, giving her superhuman abilities, including telekinesis and telepathy. With her former captors in pursuit, Lucy seeks out a neurologist (Morgan Freeman), who she hopes will be able to help her.Lucy / Film synopsis

What actually happens in Videodrome?

The bloodshed in Videodrome is merely a Trojan horse for another, hidden signal – one that causes a fatal tumour to grow in the brain of the viewer, which in turn causes bizarre hallucinations. Videodrome has been seized by an entity called Spectacular Optical.

What happens at the end of Videodrome?

The ending used in the final film, wherein Max shoots himself on the derelict ship, was James Woods’ idea. One of the initial intentions for the ending was to include an epilogue after the suicide, wherein Max, Bianca, and Nicki appear on the set of Videodrome.

What happens in the end of taking lives?

The film’s predictable plot twist was then revealed – Costa was serial killer Martin Asher. As Mrs. Asher left the hospital via an elevator, she was confronted by her son. He spitefully killed his mother by sawing off her head, telling her that she had ruined everything by favoring Reese during his childhood.

What happened to Lucy in the plane?

Jang forces Lucy to mule the package’s contents—an experimental new drug called CPH4—back to the United States, but before she even makes it onto her flight, the bag containing the electric-blue narcotic bursts inside her abdomen, leaking its contents into her bloodstream.

Is Debbie Harry in Videodrome?

Videodrome (1983) – Debbie Harry as Nicki Brand – IMDb.

Was Angelina Jolie pregnant in taking lives?

Pillow Pregnancy: Angelina Jolie does it, though she uses a more convincing prosthetic to convince Ethan Hawke that she’s eight months pregnant with his child, so that he’ll think she’s unable to fight back when he attacks her.

Who is the villain in taking lives?

Martin Asher
Martin Asher (also known as James Costa), is the main antagonist in the 1999 novel Taking Lives and the 2004 film based upon it.

How did Lucy get her powers?

Jang inserts a drug known as CPH-4 into her abdomen accidentally. While she was in captivity, one of her captors kicked her in the abdomen, unintentionally releasing the drug into her system which caused her to acquire several different kinds of powers and abilities.

Does Lucy become God?

She don t have a physical body anymore, but she became one with the universe, space, time, she may not be god, but the being the closest to be it.