What is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

What is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

What is the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain?

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain is a group of all-singing, all-strumming Ukulele players, using instruments bought with loose change, which believes that all genres of music are available for reinterpretation, as long as they are played on the Ukulele.

When did the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain-precious little come out?

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Who is the founding director of the Ukulele Orchestra?

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What is a ukulele concert?

A concert by the Ukulele Orchestra is a funny, virtuosic, twanging, awesome, foot-stomping obituary of rock-n-roll and melodious light entertainment featuring only the “bonsai guitar” and a menagerie of voices in a collision of post-punk performance and toe-tapping oldies.

Is there a movie of the ukulele variations?

(Monochromatic time travel from the last century). This film/movie was shot on celluloid in November 1987 as part of the promotion campaign for LP “The Ukulele Variations”. We are back on our World Tour again and visiting Sweden in February 2022! Book your tickets here.

What does the usgb do for ukulele players?

* The USGB encourages all types of music and styles of playing on the Ukulele or on the Banjo Uke. * Entry includes a lovely Lunch and Afternoon Tea and Cakes. * Organised Concerts with a break for Tea & Cakes in the middle.

Who was in the Ukulele Orchestra in the 1990s?

Hester Goodman, Will Grove-White, Jonty Bankes, Peter Brooke Turner all joined the orchestra during the early 1990s. In 1995 the Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain performed at the 50th anniversary of the Victory in Europe Day celebrations in Hyde Park before an estimated audience of 170,000.

How many ukulele players are in the London Symphony Orchestra?

The orchestra has had varying line-ups over the past two decades, but since 2005 has performed as an octet, with eight ukulele players including one of whom plays bass ukulele. The members wear traditional orchestra dress for performances, with the men in black tie and the women in smart evening wear.