Where does Hamm beer come from?

Where does Hamm beer come from?

Where does Hamm beer come from?

St. Paul, Minnesota
Theodore Hamm Brewing Company was established in 1865 when Theodore Hamm, a German immigrant, inherited the Excelsior Brewery from his friend and business associate, A. F. Keller. Keller had constructed his brewery over artesian wells in a section of the Phalen Creek valley in St. Paul, Minnesota known as Swede Hollow.

What is the Hamm’s bear name?

The bear was a cartoon mascot used in all forms of advertisement for Hamm’s and is more highly collectible then the brew itself. The bear’s name, which was never mentioned in commercials, is Sascha, named after the wife of the original founder of the company.

What is the oldest American made beer?

Yuengling is the oldest beer in America and has been around since 1829. It was one of the only early American breweries to survive prohibition because it produced “near bears,” which only had a 0.5% alcohol content. Due to its historical significance, Yuengling proudly calls itself “America’s Oldest Brewery.”

What kind of beer is Hamm’s?

The beer is brewed and sold by MillerCoors of Chicago, Illinois. Several beers are produced: Hamm’s Premium, the original pale lager; Hamm’s Golden Draft; and Hamm’s Special Light.

What is the Hamm?

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What is Theodore Hamm’s Brewing Company?

The Theodore Hamm’s Brewing Company was an American brewing company established in 1865 in St. Paul, Minnesota.

When did Hamm’s become the fifth largest brewery in the US?

From 1933 until 1965, Hamm’s saw much success becoming the “fifth largest brewery in the nation by the 1950s”, much of this can be attributed to William C. Figge Jr. taking over as President in 1951.