Who is a famous person that plays the viola?

Who is a famous person that plays the viola?

Who is a famous person that plays the viola?

While one of the lesser-known instruments today, the viola used to be extremely popular. In fact, many people known as composers today were originally famous viola players including Bach, Mozart, Beethoven, Dvorak, Schubert, Mendelssohn, Glinka, Hindemith.

Is violin or viola better?

In both cases, it’s the lower, more resonant sound profile that appeals to most violists. If you, too, prefer lower, richer and more resonant sounds – and aren’t drawn to play cello or bass – the viola may be the just right string instrument for you.

Which is easier violin or viola?

Often violinists try to find work as violists and one of the reasons is that the viola parts in ensembles are usually easier than the violin parts, which have the most solos or get to play the melody line. However, studying the viola is as hard as any other instrument.

Who made the first viola?

There were two primary luthiers who produced the first violas like our modern versions: Gaspare da Salo of the Brescia region and Andrea Amati of the Cremona region. Both of these gifted instrument makers were born in the first half of the 16th century and brought great fame to their home cities with their innovations.

Did Paganini play the viola?

Very few know that, besides violin, Paganini played guitar and viola. He composed a lot of music with guitar for his friends, amateur players, and used to play with them. These are the very interesting and original works for viola that Paganini wrote.

Is cello or viola harder?

Tl/dr: violin and cello parts are usually harder, but viola and bass parts are more physically challenging. In order to play the cello, you must be in the least unnatural position.

Who are some famous viola players?

Rebecca Clarke – 20th-century classical composer and violist. Rebecca Clarke is one of the most interesting figures in the history of classical music because she was one of the first

  • Tabea Zimmerman – contemporary viola player.
  • Kim Kashkashian – Grammy award-winner.
  • Nobuko Imai – contemporary viola player.
  • Yuri Bashmet – viola player and conductor.
  • How to play perfect on viola?

    The viola is played by drawing a bow over one or more of the four strings on the instrument. By holding down the strings with the hand not holding the bow, different pitches can be produced to play complex melodies. The strings can also be plucked with the fingers, a practice referred to as pizzicato. The viola is held by resting it on the left

    How to play what a beautiful name on viola?

    Rebecca Clarke: Viola Sonata. Rebecca Clarke was a British-American composer born in 1886 and became the first woman to play in Henry Wood’s Queen’s Hall Orchestra,in 1912.

  • Berlioz: Harold in Italy.
  • Walton: Viola Concerto
  • Strauss: Don Quixote.
  • Bartók: Viola Concerto.
  • Schumann: Märchenbilder.
  • Which is easier to play, the violin or the viola?

    Violas are bigger. A full-sized violin is usually around 14-inches from the tip of the scroll (or head) to the bottom of the end button.

  • Music is scored on the Alto- or C-Clef. The viola’s larger size and larger strings means it produces deeper,lower sounds.
  • They are tuned differently.
  • Lower note range.
  • The overall (lower) sound.