Who is the director of Max Hospital Delhi?

Who is the director of Max Hospital Delhi?

Who is the director of Max Hospital Delhi?

Abhay is the Promoter, Chairman and Managing Director of Max Healthcare Institute Limited.

What does a rheumatologist doctor do?

A rheumatologist is a specialist doctor who diagnoses and treats: arthritis – where joints are painful, swollen and stiff. other musculoskeletal conditions – which affect bones, muscles, tendons, ligaments as well as joints.

Why do you see a rheumatologist?

Rheumatologists are internists with special skills and training in the complex diagnosis and treatment of arthritis and rheumatic illnesses and much, much more. They treat patients with pain and disorders of the joints, muscles, tendons, bones and other connective tissues.

Which is the best hospital for rheumatoid arthritis in India?

Gleneagles Global Hospitals India is the best rheumatology hospital in India offering the best arthritis treatment and care for all types of rheumatology diseases.

Who is owner of Max?

Mr Analjit Singh
Mr Analjit Singh is the Founder & Chairman of The Max Group, a US$ 3 billion multi business enterprise, with interests in life insurance (Max Life), health care (Max Healthcare), health insurance (Max Bupa), real estate (Max Estates), senior living (Antara) and speciality packaging (Max Speciality Films).

Who purchased Max hospital?

Private equity giant KKR, which had stepped in to buy a stake in a hospital previously owned by businessman BK Modi, has sold the holding to portfolio firm Max Healthcare Institute Ltd as per a previous agreement. The pre-agreed deal was sealed at $64.2 million (Rs 470 crore), valuing the…

What is the best doctor to see for arthritis?

Rheumatologists are specialists in arthritis and diseases that involve bones, muscles and joints. They are trained to make difficult diagnoses and to treat all types of arthritis, especially those requiring complex treatment. You may be referred to an orthopedist if you have a type of degenerative arthritis.