Who owns Shorts Belfast?

Who owns Shorts Belfast?

Who owns Shorts Belfast?

Role Heavy airfreighter
Manufacturer Short Brothers
First flight 5 January 1964
Introduction 20 January 1966

How did Short Brothers become Bombardier Aerospace Belfast?

In 1977, the company changed its name back to Short Brothers and in 1984, became a public limited company when the British government sold off its remaining shares. The company was purchased by Bombardier in October 1989, later becoming Bombardier Aerospace.

Who owns Bombardier in Belfast?

Spirit Aerosystems
The US firm Spirit Aerosystems has finally taken control of Bombardier’s Northern Ireland operations. It ends a period of uncertainty for the firm’s 3,000 employees in Northern Ireland.

What is it that Shorts Bombardier manufacture?

In the 1960s, Shorts mainly produced turboprop airliners, major components for aerospace primary manufacturers, and missiles for the British Armed Forces. Shorts was primarily government-owned until being bought by Bombardier in 1989, and is today the largest manufacturing concern in Northern Ireland.

What is made at Bombardier Belfast?

Bombardier launched the C-Series in 2008, aiming to challenge the dominance of Airbus and Boeing in the narrow-bodied commercial aircraft market. The C-Series involved a major commitment by Bombardier to manufacture the wings in Belfast, where it owned the former Shorts site.

What did the short brothers do?

During World War II, Short Brothers produced large numbers of multi-engine military aircraft and established a major manufacturing site at Belfast, Northern Ireland. Following the war, their company developed and produced several successful passenger, cargo, and basic pilot training airplanes.

Are Bombardier and de Havilland the same company?

In November 2018, Viking Air parent Longview Aviation Capital Corporation acquired the Bombardier Dash 8 programme and the de Havilland brand from Bombardier, in a deal that was expected to close by the second half of 2019.