Why is cancer so common in Denmark?

Why is cancer so common in Denmark?

Why is cancer so common in Denmark?

It is thought that part of the reason for Denmark having the highest rates may be because it has a good record of diagnosing the disease. But there are also high rates of smoking among Danish women and it also has high levels of alcohol consumption, which is another cancer risk factor.

Which country has highest rate of cancer?

The United States is the country with the highest cancer rate . The most prevalent cancers include breast cancer, prostate cancer, lung cancer, colon and rectum cancer, and skin melanoma.

Which country in Europe has the most cancer?

The numbers are age standardized and data is only available for 50 countries and territories, the majority in Europe, North America and Oceania….Cancer frequency.

Rank Country Cancer rate
1 Australia 468.0
2 New Zealand 438.1
3 Ireland 373.7
4 Hungary 368.1

Where is the cancer capital of the world?

Denmark has been named as the world’s cancer capital, with some 326 people in every 100,000 developing the disease each year.

Why does Denmark have the highest skin cancer rate?

Denmark has one of the highest skin cancer incidences in the world (Ferlay et al., 2013), although the country is located far from the equator (56°N) and thus has lesser ultraviolet radiation than countries located closer to the equator.

What is the cancer rate in France?

Global cancer incidence in both sexes: table

Both sexes Number ASR/100,000
France 422,828 320.1
The Netherlands 114,601 315.1
Australia 141,182 312.3
Norway 32,655 312.3

Which country has less cancer?

Highest versus lowest: Singapore (lowest in the top 50): 233 per 100,000 people. Niger (actual lowest) 78 per 100,000 people.

What country has the best cancer cure rate?

1. Australia. Whilst Australia suffers high levels of certain types of cancers, such as skin, prostate, lung, bowel and breast, it has the lowest cancer mortality rate in the world3 – which is a huge achievement.

What are the top 3 cancers in Europe?

Breast, prostate, lung, and colorectal cancers represent over half of all cancer diagnoses in Europe.

Is cancer common in Europe?

In EU-27, the estimated new cancer cases are approximately 1.4 million in males and 1.2 million in females, with over 710,000 estimated cancer deaths in males and 560,000 in females. Conclusion: The 2020 estimates provide a basis for establishing priorities in cancer-control measures across Europe.

Which country has the least amount of cancer?

Which state in India has the highest number of cancer patients?

This statistic represents crude incidence rate of cancer across India in 2016, by state. During the measured time period, Kerala had the highest crude incidence rate of cancer at 135.3 incidences for every 100,000 inhabitants.