Are there still child soldiers in Congo?

Are there still child soldiers in Congo?

Are there still child soldiers in Congo?

In the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, children as young as six are routinely recruited by militias and taught to kill. It is estimated that 8- to 16-year-old-children make up 60% of combatants in the region.

Does Sierra Leone still have child soldiers?

In Africa, child soldiers have fought or are fighting in Angola, Liberia, Mozambique, Rwanda, the Sudan, Congo and Uganda, as well as Sierra Leone. There are now an estimated 300,000 child soldiers worldwide, a figure that has increased by one-sixth during the last three years.

How are child soldiers recruited in Congo?

A cruel tactic that the soldiers have acquired is recruiting and abducting children from their homes and enlisting them to fight, mostly against their will. It is also important to note that over 35 percent of these children were recruited voluntarily.

What is Congo doing to stop child soldiers?

The report said Congo had increased trafficking probes and prosecutions, and undertaken measures to prevent the use of child soldiers – by removing them from armed groups and securing pledges from militia commanders to renounce child recruitment.

Are there child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo?

In fact, according to a paper published by The International Peace Support Training Centre in Nairobi, Kenya, girls constitute a very large portion of child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of the Congo; roughly 40%.

What is the DRC doing to stop the recruitment of child soldiers?

It must be noted, that with the help of the DRC’s government and international efforts, the recruitment of Congo child soldiers is steadily declining. In 2009, the DRC adopted the “Law for the Protection of Children,” making the recruitment and use of children in armed conflict illegal.

How many children were involved in the Lubanga militia?

It has been estimated that the militia led by Thomas Lubanga Dyilo was 30 percent children. In 2011 it was estimated that 30,000 children were still operating with armed groups.

What are the most common conflicts that involve child soldiers?

LRA-style kidnappings have happened on every continent, and children have been forced into becoming soldiers. Some of the more famous conflicts, though, that have involved the use of child soldiers have been the conflict in Sierra Leone, where children were often drugged and then used as executioners.