Are UTA TRAX free?

Are UTA TRAX free?

Are UTA TRAX free?

UTA TRAX and bus does have a “free fare zone” in downtown Salt Lake City where you can ride for free. If you start or end your trip outside the Free Fare Zone, you’ll need valid fare.

Is FrontRunner free for BYU students?

All current BYU students, faculty, staff and their spouses and dependents can ride UTA buses, TRAX, FrontRunner and the Utah Valley Express (UVX) for free! The UTA transit pass is built directly into your BYU ID smartcard.

Is UTA free in February?

On January 26th, 2022, the Board of Trustees passed a resolution that delegated authority to the Executive Director, to declare “Free Fare February.” UTA experienced significant increases in ridership across the system during Free Fare February.

Is FrontRunner free Utah?

The free fare applies to all UTA bus and rail services, including the FrontRunner and the new UTA on Demand project, which serves the west side of Salt Lake City.

How fast does UTA TRAX go?

FrontRunner trains use diesel-powered push/pull locomotives and can reach speeds of up to 79 miles per hour.

Is UTA free for students?

Free UTA Rides for BYU Eligible employees, students, spouses, and dependents get free rides on local and express buses, UVX, FrontRunner, TRAX and the S-Line by “tapping on and off ” every vehicle with the BYU ID card.

Is UTA free for college students?

UTA’s Blaze Forward will make college education more accessible by covering 100% of tuition and mandatory fees for undergraduate students who meet all eligibility requirements and are from families with adjusted gross incomes up to $85,000.

Do I need to pay additional fare for the frontrunner?

Additional fare will be required on express and premium services, including FrontRunner commuter rail. This pass is available at select UTA Pass Sales Outlets and on this website.

What is the frontrunner senior and reduced one-way fare?

The FrontRunner Senior and Reduced One-way Fare cash payment is good on FrontRunner commuter rail with transfer to all buses, TRAX and Streetcar for two hours and 30 minutes from the time of purchase. This fare applies to passengers ages 65 and older, valid Medicare card holders and persons with disabilities who have been pre-qualified by UTA.

How do I get a discount on a frontrunner ticket?

Purchase FrontRunner one-way fare prior to boarding at a ticket vending machine. FAREPAY Reloadable Card: FAREPAY cardholders save up to 20 percent off of FrontRunner, 20 percent off local bus, TRAX, S-Line and Express Bus fares. FrontRunner savings vary between 17 and 20 percent, depending on distance traveled.

How long is FrontRunner fare good for?

FrontRunner fare is good for two hours after first boarding, and includes free transfers to bus or TRAX during that time. FrontRunner trains use diesel-powered push/pull locomotives and can reach speeds of up to 79 miles per hour. Each train includes a locomotive and three or four bi-level and single-level passenger cars.