Can Tago Mago 40th?

Can Tago Mago 40th?

Can Tago Mago 40th?

Tago Mago – 40th Anniversary 2CD Edition – Out Now. The new edition of this genre-defying album comes packaged in the original UK artwork for the first time since 1971, and includes a bonus CD featuring 50 minutes of unreleased live material from 1972, remastered in 2011.

Can Tago Mago genres?

Tago Mago/Genres

Can Tago Mago review?

Can’s 1971 album Tago Mago, freshly reissued in a “40th Anniversary Edition,” is a colossus, the product of a band that was thinking huge, pushing itself to its limits, and devoted to breaking open its own understanding of what rock music could be.

What language is Tago Mago?

Tago Mago is the second studio album by the German krautrock band Can, originally released as a double LP in August 1971 on the United Artists label.

Can best albums ranked?

The following albums by Can are ranked highest in the greatest album charts:

  • Future Days. Can.
  • Monster Movie. Can.
  • Soundtracks. Can.
  • Soon Over Babaluma. Can.
  • The Singles. Compilation. Can.
  • Flow Motion. Can.
  • Can. Can.
  • Delay 1968. Can.

Can Limited Edition LP?

Unlimited Edition is a compilation album by the band Can….Unlimited Edition (album)

Limited Edition
Compilation album by Can
Released 1974
Recorded 1968–1974
Genre Krautrock

How was Tago Mago recorded?

Recorded in a rented castle near Cologne, the album features long-form experimental tracks blending rock improvisation, funk rhythms, and musique concrète techniques. Tago Mago has been described as Can’s best and most extreme record in sound and structure.

Can you debut an album?

Monster MovieCan / First album

What is CAN’s best album?

The best album credited to Can is Tago Mago which is ranked number 146 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 11,633.