Can you kill Marcy Long in Fallout 4?

Can you kill Marcy Long in Fallout 4?

Can you kill Marcy Long in Fallout 4?

[Fallout 4] 1.7 Update allows you to kill Marcy Long.

What happened Marcy Long?

After being saved she will become a settler in Sanctuary, along with her husband, Jun, Mama Murphy, Preston Garvey and Sturges.

Where is Marcy Long?

Concord Museum of Freedom Sanctuary Hills
Marcy Long

Biography and appearance
Role Refugee
Location Concord Museum of Freedom Sanctuary Hills
Family Jun Long (husband) Kyle Long (son)
Dialogue File Marcy Long’s dialogue

Can you kill Sturges?

Notes. Sturges cannot be killed in normal gameplay, as he is essential. However, if he is killed with console commands, he will drop a synth component. His status as a synth is never alluded to or mentioned in dialogue.

How do you know if a settler is a synth?

How do you know if a settler is a synth. Save your game and then kill them. If they have a synth chip, they were a synth.

Should I keep giving Mama Murphy Chems?

Giving Mama Murphy chems during the quest Reunions will grant the perk ‘Foreknowledge’ which causes Kellogg to deal 25% less damage to the player character. The perk does not have an icon and will remain even after Kellogg’s death.

Do the Minutemen like synths?

The Minutemen are quite chill with synths. They won’t go out of their way to rescue them over settlers like the Railroad, but if there are synth settlers, they don’t seem to make too much of a fuss as long as everyone works together.

What is Piper’s personal quest?

Piper is a slightly more difficult companion in that her side quest, “Story of the Century”, is insignificant and is a prerequisite to her becoming the player’s companion. So you’ll need to put more work into using the above actions to raise your affinity with her.

How do you do when freedom calls in Fallout 4?

Quick walkthrough Enter the Museum of Freedom. Fight the raiders and locate the trapped people. Talk to Preston Garvey. (Optional) Pick up the fusion core in the basement of the museum.