Did David Bowie write songs for Iggy Pop?

Did David Bowie write songs for Iggy Pop?

Did David Bowie write songs for Iggy Pop?

Recorded from June to August 1976, The Idiot was Pop’s first release since the breakup of his former band the Stooges in 1974. The majority of the music was composed by Bowie, while Pop wrote most of the lyrics, often in response to the music being composed.

Did David Bowie discover Iggy Pop?

Bowie’s association and friendship with Iggy Pop endured, and launched an astonishingly fruitful creative period for both men. In 1976, Bowie took Pop around the world as a companion on his Isolar tour, and that year they shacked up in the Château d’Hérouville near Paris, equipped with a recording studio.

Was David Bowie in The Stooges?

David had an important effect on the third Stooges album, Raw Power. We did some sessions at Olympic Studios in London — songs like “Tight Pants,” “I’m Sick of You,” “I Got a Right” — and sent the tapes to David. He came back to me: “You can do better than that.” So we did.

When did David Bowie meet Iggy Pop?

Bowie met Iggy in 1971 and shortly after, convinced him (then freshly sober) to reform his scorching proto-punk band, the Stooges. Their 1973 album Raw Power marked a major comeback, but shortly after, Iggy Pop found himself again on his own, mired in addiction and briefly homeless.

When did David Bowie and Iggy Pop meet?

Mr. Pop met Mr. Bowie in 1971, a period of excess when “we were all pretty bad but he was at least viable,” Mr. Pop said.

Who wrote Candy by Iggy Pop?

Iggy PopCandy / Lyricist

What was Iggy Pop’s first album?

Iggy Pop’s debut album, ‘The Idiot,’ resurrected the former Stooge’s career, and influenced generations of musicians that followed. Iggy Pop ’s debut solo album, The Idiot, marked a radical departure from the incendiary, guitar-based proto-punk of his former band, The Stooges.

Was Iggy Pop a punk band?

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How did Iggy Pop celebrate his 73th birthday?

“Celebrate Iggy Pop’s 73rd Birthday by Recalling His Guest Spot on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine “. Rock Cellar Magazine. Los Angeles: Rock Cellar Productions.

Where did Iggy Pop live in real life?

The family lived in a trailer park in Ypsilanti, Michigan. Ron Asheton later described him as having been a conventional teenager: “He hung out with the popular kids that wore chinos, cashmere sweaters, and penny loafers. Iggy didn’t smoke cigarettes, didn’t get high, didn’t drink.”