Does Florida have nudist colonies?

Does Florida have nudist colonies?

Does Florida have nudist colonies?

Head to the nudist capital of the United States, Pasco County, for a stay at Paradise Lake Resorts. Some naturist resorts have nudity-required spots, but at Paradise Lake Resorts you can get nude when and where you feel comfortable.

Are there nudist neighborhoods in Florida?

Pasco County is widely known as the nudist capital of the world. Pasco County – Land O Lakes and Lutz in particular – have more clothing-optional and nudist resorts and communities than any other county in Florida. Many use the term clothing optional and nudist interchangeably.

Can you visit Cypress Cove?

Cypress Cove Nudist Resort is open for day visits and long-term stays. For more information about the resort offerings, hotel villas, RV campground, and more, call 888-683-3140 or visit

Where are the most nudists?

Amongst the top five countries are France, the United States, Spain, Thailand, and Australia. Perhaps the least surprising bit of data shows that France is the most nudist-friendly of all the countries. The country is well known for its public nude beaches, 397 in total, in addition to its 212 naturist campsites.

How many nudist colonies are there in Florida?

Florida has more nudist resorts than any other state — 29 registered clubs, more than twice as many as California.

How do nudist camps behave?

Nude Beach Etiquette: 7 Rules for First-Timers

  1. Familiarize yourself with the local rules.
  2. Don’t stare.
  3. Leave your camera at home.
  4. Carry a towel everywhere you go.
  5. Apply sunscreen liberally on all exposed skin.
  6. Keep your distance from others.
  7. Don’t try any hanky-panky.

Is Pasco County the nudist capital?

Pasco County is the nudist capital of Florida. The state of Florida is the nudist capital of North America. But, the clothing-optional lifestyle is an often overlooked tourism market that contributes $7.4 billion to the state’s economy annually, according to a report from the American Association of Nudist Recreation.

What county is Blind Creek Beach in?

Saint Lucie County
Great beach, great people. In the last eighteen months or so this “unofficial clothing optional” beach has become “official” thanks to The Friends of Blind Creek Beach and the Saint Lucie County officials and the Saint Lucie County Sheriff.

Do many people sunbathe naked?

It’s not the one you might expect. Expedia’s summer travel survey posed the question on nude sunbathing to 8,600 people around the world and found that only 2 percent of Americans were likely to shed their clothing on the beach – no big surprise there.

Where is the highest concentration of nudists?

McElhinney is a happy — and uniformly tan — resident of the nudist capital of the United States. He lives in Pasco County, which, according to folks who track these things, boasts the largest concentration of nudist resorts in the nation.

What state has the most nudist communities?

Only Florida and California have more nudist groups than Texas, according to the American Association for Nude Recreation. There are at least 18 clubs or groups designated to nudist activities in the Lone Star State, the third most in the country, according to the group’s website.

Is all of Blind Creek Beach clothing optional?

Blind Creek Beach is a beautiful clothing-optional beach in Florida. This long and spacious stretch of pristine, unspoiled white-sand beach is a great place to enjoy the sun and ocean completely naked.