How did Sania Mirza marry Shoaib Malik?

How did Sania Mirza marry Shoaib Malik?

How did Sania Mirza marry Shoaib Malik?

Sania Mirza has revealed what made her marry Shoaib Malik during a recent talk show interview. The Indian tennis player and Pakistani cricketer tied the knot in April 2010, at the Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad.

Is Shoaib Malik married?

Sania Mirzam. 2010
Ayesha Siddiquim. 2002–2010
Shoaib Malik/Spouse
On 12 April 2010, Shoaib Malik married Indian Tennis player Sania Mirza in a traditional Hyderabadi Muslim wedding ceremony at the Taj Krishna Hotel in Hyderabad, India followed by Pakistani wedding customs. Their Walima ceremony was held in Sialkot, Pakistan.

Who is wife of Shoaib Malik?

sensation Sania Mirza
It’s been 11 years since Indian tennis sensation Sania Mirza got married to Pakistani cricket legend Shoaib Malik.

Is Sania Mirza second wife of Shoaib Malik?

“He (Malik) has not divorced my daughter as yet. She continues to have the status of his wife. This means, Sania (Mirza) will be Malik’s second wife,” Siddiqui said.

Are Sania and Shoaib divorced?

“Both Shoaib and Ayesha have signed the divorce papers today,” he said. The Siddique family on Sunday filed a police complaint against Malik over his plans to wed Mirza. Police questioned Malik and seized his passport, to ensure he did not leave the southern Indian city of Hyderabad during the investigation.

Is Sania divorced?

Sania Mirza And Shoaib Malik Divorce News.

Does Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik stay together?

Power couple Sania Mirza and Shoaib Malik have been married for more than a decade, but their playfulness does not seem to fade away. Taking to Instagram, tennis star Mirza shared a video, with a voice in the background saying: “Give your husband your hand and see what he does with it.”

Did Afridi married his own sister?

Former Pakistan skipper Afridi is married to his maternal uncle’s daughter. The couple tied the knot on October 22, 2000, and they are blessed with five daughters.

Is Shahid Afridi married to his sister?

He is married to his maternal cousin Nadia Afridi and has five daughters.