How do I cancel my Nuffield gym membership?

How do I cancel my Nuffield gym membership?

How do I cancel my Nuffield gym membership?

1 To cancel your membership after the cooling-off period has expired, you must send your notice in writing to your home centre’s manager or fill in a cancellation form at your home centre. If your home centre receives your notice on the first day of the month, your membership will end on the last day of the same month.

Can you cancel a gym membership within 14 days?

Some gyms might offer a “cooling off” period if you change your mind within 14 days of signing up. However, if the membership doesn’t work for you or doesn’t offer what you expect, many will charge you an exit fee if you want to leave before the minimum term is up.

What happens when you freeze your gym membership?

A pause or freeze means that if you signed up for a one-year contract in December but don’t feel safe exercising until March, you are allowed to take a break from payment while you aren’t using the space.

Is Nuffield Hospital part of the NHS?

Did you know that Nuffield Health has been supporting the NHS for years? As an NHS patient receiving treatment at a Nuffield Health Hospital you can focus on your treatment and recovery without the worry of hospital borne infections.

Can you suspend Nuffield gym membership?

The best way to freeze or cancel your membership is to visit your local gym and fill in the relevant form. Please check the terms and conditions of your membership for further information. Alternatively, you can write to your centre – their address can be found on the gym’s webpage.

Where is Nuffield Health head office?

Epsom, United KingdomNuffield Health / Headquarters

Who owns Nuffield healthcare?

Nuffield Health is the United Kingdom’s largest healthcare charity. Established in 1957 the charity operates 31 Nuffield Health Hospitals and 113 Nuffield Health Fitness & Wellbeing Centres. It is independent of the National Health Service and is constituted as a registered charity.

Who is Nuffield Health owned by?

Nuffield Health is a not-for-profit organisation limited by guarantee, without share capital.

Who founded Nuffield Health?

tycoon William Morris
In 1959, Lord Nuffield (the motor tycoon William Morris) then President of BUPA, suggested that the new charity might benefit from incorporating his name in its title and so it was re-registered as the Nuffield Nursing Homes Trust (NNHT).