How do I contact NSW education?

How do I contact NSW education?

How do I contact NSW education?

About us. Find contacts throughout the NSW Department of Education. For head office call 1300 679 332.

What is MyServiceNSW?

A MyServiceNSW Account connects you online with NSW Government services, quickly and securely. You can use your account on the Service NSW website or the mobile app. You can: check and renew your licences and registrations. claim vouchers, rebates and other services.

Who is Edconnect?

We connect volunteers who want to make a difference, with young people in school who need extra help and guidance, be it mentoring or learning support. We aim to equip young people with the life skills they need to succeed. We do this by building positive and supportive relationships with each student.

What is the NSW school email?

From, students who use their email address will be directed to the Department portal. They must then enter their school username and password, and then they will be automatically taken back to their Stile home page.

Is MyServiceNSW the same as Service NSW?

MyServiceNSW Account is an online service operated by Service NSW, on behalf of the NSW Government. We’ll refer to Service NSW as ‘we’ or ‘us’ in these terms and conditions.

What is EDconnect used for?

EDconnect is the U.S. Department of Education’s (ED’s) telecommunications software that enables PC users to send and receive data through the Student Aid Internet Gateway (SAIG).

What is EDExpress?

The EDExpress for Windows software is a PC application that processes, packages, and manages Title IV student financial aid records. Federal Student Aid provides EDExpress at no charge to institutions.

How can my local school support my child with special needs?

Your local school can give your child support in mainstream classes through personalised planning and adjustments. Schools receive resources to support the learning and wellbeing of all students, including those with disability and additional learning and support needs.

Where can I find a list of schools with specialist support classes?

For the current list of regular and special schools with specialist support classes, visit the Datahub. * We do not keep address information. For best results supply your full address.

How do I enrol my child in a specialist support class?

Parents and carers wanting to enrol their child in a specialist support class should use the School Finder to locate their local public school and contact the principal directly. The principal will provide advice about the process to seek enrolment in a specialist support class. Information about this process is available at Programs and Services.

What is the study assistance program?

Study assistance is available year-round to permanent and long-term temporary school administrative and support (SAS) staff to study part-time and develop skills, knowledge and abilities that are relevant to and support them in their current role.