How do I identify my Ford steering box?

How do I identify my Ford steering box?

How do I identify my Ford steering box?

Steering Box ID Decoder. Most Ford steering boxes have a metal ID tag attached to them by one of the top cover plate bolts. The top line is the ID Tag Code of the box.

How do you lubricate a steering gear box?

Pump grease into the box untill grease starts to squirt out the top plate bolt hole. Reinstall the top plate bolt and the Fill Plug. Turn the steering wheel all the way the other direction. Remove the Fill Plug and top plate bolt and begin pumping grease into the box again.

Do you grease steering box?

Today an 80 or 90 weight gear oil is recommended. It, too, is going to leak out all over the garage floor, but more slowly than a 30 weight engine oil. Ideally the best lubricant for a steering box is a special grease.

What did a 605 steering box come on?

The 605 box was introduced in the late 70s (?) on midsize cars, such as the Cutlass, malibu, regal, etc. It will bolt in place of a 800 series box except for the pitman shaft splines, they are the small size used on manual steering boxes.

Can you adjust a power steering box?

Many vehicle owners believe that excess steering wheel slack indicates a problem with the steering pump, steering column, or rack and pinion housing. Not so. Adjusting the steering box can be easily done with a few tools to bring the power steering play back into acceptable limits.

What is a Saginaw steering box?

The Saginaw gearbox is a rotary-valve type unit using recirculating ball bearings. They are referred to as recirculated ball-type because they use the same ball bearings on both the worm gear and the sector gear to reduce friction within the housing.

How do I identify my Saginaw Steering box?

SAGINAW 708 GEARBOXES It is easy to identify because it mounts on the outside of the frame and the mounting tabs are on the opposite side of the gearbox. Notice how the mounting holes are on the top side of the gearbox. The one variable with the 708 gearbox is that it came with two different sector shafts.