How do I unlock my eToken?

How do I unlock my eToken?

How do I unlock my eToken?

Unlocking the eToken using Challenge Response

  1. In the left pane of the eToken Properties window, select the token to be unlocked.
  2. Click Unlock eToken in the right pane; the Unlock eToken window is displayed.
  3. Contact the administrator and provide the Challenge Data.

How do I reset my eToken password?

How to change your eToken password

  1. Open the Safenet Authentication Client.
  2. In the SafeNet Authentication Client Tools window, click Change Token Password.
  3. On the Change Password Token page, in the Current Token Password box, type your existing password.

How do I get token for Zenith Bank app?

To get a Token, you will need to fill out a Token Request form at the branch nearest to you. If you already have Internet Banking, you can fill out a Token Request Form at any of our branches or, you can go to ‘Other Services’ on the Internet Banking side-menu and select ‘Token Request’.

How can I get OTP code for Zenith Bank?

How To Activate Zenith Token Code

  1. Click HERE to take you to the Zenith bank token code activation page.
  2. After getting to the website, enter your 10 digit Zenith bank account number.
  3. Click on the proceed button for a one-time password (OTP) to be sent to your phone number or E-mail address used in registering.

What is user PIN in DSC?

User PIN is the password which the subscriber of the digital signature (DSC application) will have to use while doing a digital signature using his ProxKey token. User PIN has to be kept confidential and not to be disclosed to any other person.

What is SafeNet Authentication Manager?

SafeNet Authentication Manager is a comprehensive authentication server that allows organizations to implement a future-ready strong authentication strategy for securing local and remote access to numerous corporate resources using a single authentication back-end.

What is hardware token in Zenith Bank Mobile App?

Your Hardware Security Token is personal to you and shall only be used with your Internet Bank- ing Access Code, User Name and Password. The Token shall provide additional security for your internet banking transactions. This security de- vice must not be shared with any one else irre- spective of your relationship.

What is the code for Zenith Bank?

The Zenith bank USSD code is *966# and it can be used to Open Zenith Account, Purchase Airtime (Self & Third Party), Transfer Funds, Check Account Balance, Update BVN, etc.

What Is PIN token in Zenith mobile app?

ZENITH e-Token App is a mobile application that generates One Time Passwords (OTPs) used in the authentication of electronic transactions. A one-time password (OTP) is a series of characters that automatically authenticates the user for a single transaction or session. It is also an alternative to the Hardware Token.

How do I get the OTP code for my phone?

3. How to get OTP code

  1. You can get OTP code by using the Quickteller App. After launching the application, press the “Generate Safetoken” button.
  2. You can send a USSD code by inputting the “*322*0#” combination into your phone.
  3. You can receive all your OTP on your email.

What is default PIN for DSC?

Default password is 12345678.

How do I generate a password for my eToken?

Step 1 1 Open the app. Tap Generate token password. You don’t need to be logged on or connected to a network 2 Enter your four digit PIN to generate an eToken password 3 eToken will generate a temporary password you can use for 32 seconds 4 If it expires you can generate another one. Tap Generate another Token password

What is eToken pass?

eToken PASS is a compact and portable one-time password (OTP) strong authentication device that allows organizations to conveniently and effectively establish OTP-based secure access to network resources, cloud-based applications (SaaS) web portals, and other enterprise resources. Providing a Strong Foundation for Your Evolving Business Needs

How do I Activate my eToken on my phone?

Note: you can only have an eToken or a physical token at one time. If you have an iPhone, go to Settings then General and tap Date and Time on your phone to make sure the Auto Sync option is turned on. If you use Android, how to do this may differ per handset. Activation step 4 will let you activate your eToken.

How eToken system works?

Through the system of eToken, all customers can generate a token by using mobile app or computer with date and time. As and when any entry is made, our professional authorities perform accurate scanning of token before giving access to anyone. Authority will get quick and genuine reports of all visitors and occupancy in their location.