How do I update my PaperPort?

How do I update my PaperPort?

How do I update my PaperPort?

To check for updates, click the “Get Latest Updates” button from within the program, or launch the Software Manager from the Windows Control Panel (“Start > Control Panel > Software Updates” or “Start > Control Panel > Program Updates”).

What is the current version of PaperPort?


Developer(s) Visioneer
Stable release PaperPort 14.7 (Windows) PaperPort Notes Version 2.1.0 (iPad) / December 11, 2020 (Windows) November 13, 2013 (iPad)
Operating system Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and iPad
Platform x86, x64
Size 4.7 MB (iPad)

How do I update PaperPort 14?

Click “Start > Control Panel”. Open “Program Updates” (or “Software Updates” on Windows XP). Select the “PaperPort 14 Standard – Patch 1 (E)” update that is detected. Click the “Install” button.

Why is my PaperPort not working?

If you’re using Windows high contrast theme on your computer, this may explain why Paperport 14 won’t load. In order to fix this issue, you need to disable the Windows High Contrast theme by going to Desktop > Personalization > Themes > Theme Settings > Uncheck the Windows High Contrast theme.

How do I download PaperPort 14?

Download and install PaperPort 14

  1. Download the PaperPort Install Tool from the Brother website
  2. Double-click on the file you downloaded PP14Downloader.
  3. If prompted with a security warning, click Yes or Run.
  4. Click OK.
  5. The License Agreement will appear.

What is Nuance PaperPort and do I need it?

PaperPort 14 from Nuance is a Windows software program that uses your scanner to convert paper documents into a searchable digital PDF format. You can also use it to create PDFs from digital files and save them into your computer.

What is ScanSoft PaperPort professional?

PaperPort Professional is users of Windows personal computers The MFL-Pro Suite software is a software program designed to give the greatest flexibility, functionality and enjoyment from your Brother machine. Setup * ScanSoft™ PaperPort ™ 11SE with

How do I install PaperPort 11 SE on Windows 8?

You can install PaperPort 11 SE from the CD-ROM supplied with your machine. Determine if the CD indicates that Windows 8/8.x is written on the CD-ROM label.

What is YouSendIt plug-in for PaperPort?

YouSendIt Plug-in for PaperPort is a plug-in for PaperPort 11 and 12 to send your files directly from PaperPort. PaperPort is a plug-in for PaperPort 11 directly from PaperPort .