How do you install RocketDock themes?

How do you install RocketDock themes?

How do you install RocketDock themes?

To add a downloaded theme to RocketDock, download it and unzip the downloaded file. Place the folder containing the skin files in the following folder. The following dialog box may display. If it does, click Continue to paste the folder.

How do I add icons to RocketDock?

Left-click on the icon, and hold the left-click down as you move the icon onto the launch bar. When you are on the launch bar, let up on the left-click button. The icon should appear on RocketDock. Repeat this with the icons for each program that you use, until all your icons are on RocketDock.

What is the stacks Docklet?

Overall, the Stacks Docklet is an alternative for the users that prefer the RocketDock navigation instead of the classical Windows Explorer. This enables Disqus, Inc. to process some of your data.

How to use the Rocketdock Docklet extension?

The extension works with the RocketDock application and can be added on the dock in order to enhance its navigation capabilities. In order to use the add-in you need to unzip the archive and copy the files to the Docklets folder from the RocketDock installation folder. You can add the docklet to the RocketDock interface from the context menu.

Is RocketDock the best Mac-like dock for Windows?

For years, RocketDock has been one of the best options for a Mac-like dock on Windows. That’s why it’s on our Best Of Windows Software page. In fact, you’ve probably heard about it. But it’s more than just a docking station that’s easy to use. It’s also more customizable, perhaps even more than one of its most popular alternatives, ObjectDock.

How to select the folder and the thumbnail of the Docklet?

To select the folder and the thumbnail you need to customize the icon settings. The docklet can be configured to display the content of any folder from your computer. When you click its icon the included files and folders pop up on your desktop and you can easily click one in order to open it.