How do you reset a Schluter thermostat?

How do you reset a Schluter thermostat?

How do you reset a Schluter thermostat?

In the “Installer settings”, select “Factory reset”, go through the set up, and when at “Load measurement” select “ON” to activate the automatic power measurement, if you do not have any expansion unit(s)/power module(s) connected to the thermostat.

What temperature should DITRA-HEAT be set at?

The thermostat must be set at 82°F (28°C) or lower at all times. This can be done manually or by selecting “Laminate Flooring” in the “Floor Protection” section of the “Installer Settings” menu of any of the Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT-E thermostats.

How do I program my DITRA-HEAT thermostat?


  1. Select the “Menu” button on the home screen.
  2. Select the “Installer Settings” button.
  3. Choose the “Sensor Application” option.
  4. Select “Floor”
  5. Confirm your choice by tapping the checkmark.

How do you test a Schluter Ditra thermostat?

Set the multimeter for resistance at 10K Ω +/- 2 (at room temperature) and take a reading between the sensor leads. The resistance will vary according to the temperature (i.e., the colder the sensor, the higher the resistance).

How long does it take for Schluter floor to heat up?

How long do I have to wait after the installing Schluter®-DITRA-HEAT to start using the system? Schluter®-Systems recommends waiting 7 days after grouting before consistent use of the DITRA-HEAT system. Turning the system on briefly (e.g., 5 or 10 minutes) immediately after installation to check functionality is safe.

How long does DITRA-HEAT take to warm up?

Does DITRA-HEAT warm up the room?

The thermostat only allows the heat to warm up to 84 degrees. You might feel this on your feet but it seems unlike to warm or dry the air above, even as a secondary heat source.

How long does Ditra-Heat take to warm up?