How much does a Benchmade infidel cost?

How much does a Benchmade infidel cost?

How much does a Benchmade infidel cost?

$450.00. Ships for Free! Earn 4,500 knifeREWARDS Points!

What class is the Benchmade infidel?

Black Class
The Black Class is home to some of Benchmade’s top selling models including the Presidio, Nimravus, Rift and massive new Vallation 407 assisted opening knives. This line is also where you’ll find a the full line of Benchamde Automatics including the Casbah, Phaeton, AFO II, Pagan and Infidel families.

Is Microtech better than benchmade?

If you’re looking for an OTF knife with a customized blade shape and a high-quality grip, get one from the Microtech range. However, if you want to get a slightly more affordable product, made from durable stainless steel and with a standardized shape, opt for a Benchmade OTF knife.

What does OTF mean for knives?

Out-The-Front, or OTF knives are a relatively narrow slice of the market, but they serve a purpose and have gained in popularity with a little help from the mainstream media that continues to put them in the spotlight. Without doubt OTF knives are unique and there are a limited number of OTF brands producing them.

What kind of knife is the infidel?


Blade Edge Plain
Blade Steel D2 (60-62 HRC)
Blade Style/Shape Double-Edge Dagger
Clip Type Deep-Carry, MALICE CLIP® (MOLLE Compatible)
Clip Position Tip-Down

What is an infidel knife?

Description. In addition to the incredibly stable, fast action, and the rugged, pure tactical nature of the knife, the 3300 Infidel has a cool factor that is hard to describe without physically experiencing it. Customize this out-the-front knife with a D2 double-edge dagger blade.

Who owns Microtech knives?

Tony Marfione
The Man behind the Brand – Tony Marfione Tony Marfione is a man that many regard as one of the top custom makers in the world, and a person who has garnered respect from other knife makers in the cutlery community.

What does Blue Class mean Benchmade?

The Blue Class, which is known to be the heart of Benchmade, is their more standard class. Here you will find both folders and fixed-blade options. Many knives in this class are of the highest quality of manufactured knives on the market today.