How much horsepower does a 289 high performance?

How much horsepower does a 289 high performance?

How much horsepower does a 289 high performance?

271 horsepower
Ford’s 289 High Performance V-8 introduced in 1963 and first available as a Mustang option in 1964 is a high-revving, peppy Ford V-8 with a factory rating of 271 horsepower.

How can I make my Ford 289 faster?

You can change the intake to a quality dual plane manifold, add headers, increase you cam’s lift and duration, add quality aluminum cylinder heads, increase your compression (beef up the bottom end).

How much horsepower does a 65 289 have?

Engine Basics

Year 1965-67 “A” Code “K” Code Shelbys
Power (hp) 225 hp @ 4400 RPM 306 hp @ 6000 RPM
Torque (lb/ft) 305 lb/ft @ 3200 RPM 329 lb/ft @ 4200 RPM
Compression 10.0:1 10.5:1 (65)
Displacement 289 cu / 4.7 liters 289 cu / 4.7 liters

How much HP can a 289 block handle?

If you rev an engine high enough it will make the HP (assuming it’s designed to do so), but it’s far from a good street engine. IMHO, 300-350hp is pretty much the upper limit for a streetable 289.

Did Chevy ever make a 289?

The 1968 year saw the same 288 and 302 blocks produced. With the 302 crank, the stroke is longer. An extra (3) mm is applied to the 302 and 2mm to the 372. A total of 87 points were posted on the 289 in all….Does Gm Make An Inline 6?

Chevrolet straight-6 engine
Fuel type Gasoline

Did Studebaker make a 289?

By 1956, Studebaker had bored and stroked the mill to create the 289, which offered between 195 and 225 horsepower. In 1957–58, the Golden Hawk featured a supercharged 289 with 275 horses.

What year did GM stop making the 327 engine?

The 327 was a mainstay of Chevrolet’s engine lineup from 1962 through 1969, when it made its final appearance as the standard V-8 in that year’s fullsize Chevys, and as a low-cost option over the base 307-inch V8 in the Chevelle, Nova and Camaro.