Is apink going to disband?

Is apink going to disband?

Is apink going to disband?

With the change of agency, the group will not be disbanded and remains as six-member group. In December 2021, IST Entertainment announced that Apink would make their comeback in February 2022.

Is God under JYP?

Groove Over Dose, known by the acronym g.o.d (Korean: 지오디; RR: ji-o-di), is a South Korean boy band formed by SidusHQ….

Years active 1999–2005 2014–present
Labels SidusHQ JYP Entertainment CJ E&M Kakao M Synnara Records
Members Park Joon-hyung Yoon Kye-sang Danny Ahn Son Ho-young Kim Tae-woo

What does SG Wannabe stand for?

Weekend Playlist. SG Wannabe is a vocal trio that debuted in 2004, currently consists of Kim Yong-jun, Kim Jin-ho and Lee Seok-hun. The ‘SG’ in the group’s name stands for “Simon & Garfunkel,” the legendary American folk rock duo.

What does Fin KL stand for?

Fin Killing Liberty
Their name stands for Fin Killing Liberty, and was intended to mean that the group stood against “the oppression of all freedom” (fin means “end” in Spanish and French). The group’s name was selected by a poll of young people by the record company before the group’s inception.

Which Kpop group left JYP?

In March 2015, it was announced that 2AM members Seulong and Jinwoon departed from JYP Entertainment because of their contract expiration, while Jo Kwon renewed his contract.

When did Lee Seok join SG Wannabe?

In early 2008, Seokhoon debuted as the newst member of the band SG Wannabe.

Is SG Wannabe popular?

The album was also number one on the “Top 20 Album Sales (May 2007)” with 44,618 copies sold in May and 125,450 sold altogether. They also released two special albums, “SG Wanna Be+” and “Story In New York.” Both the special album manage to be successful as well, continuing SG Wannabe’s popularity and success.

Who are the members of SES?


What entertainment is Kara?

Kara (Hangul: 카라, Japanese: カラ, often stylized as KARA) /ˈkɑːrə/ was a South Korean pop girl group formed by DSP Media in 2007. The group’s final lineup was composed of Gyuri, Seungyeon, Hara and Youngji….Kara (South Korean group)

Genres K-pop, J-pop
Years active 2007–2016
Labels DSP
Associated acts DSP Friends