Is thank you both correct?

Is thank you both correct?

Is thank you both correct?

Yes, “thanks, both of you” is grammatically correct. But “thanks, you both” or “thanks, you two” is more commonly used in informal situations, since they are easier to say.

Can we use full stop after thank you?

Sentences end with a period (full stop)–not a comma. I attribute this creeping comma on the widespread use of “Thanks” as a complimentary close in emails. People have been following “Thanks” with a comma. I don’t recommend a comma after “Thanks” (I use a period), but its use is too popular to argue with.

Does thank you all need a comma?

If you are telling someone “thank you” directly, you always need a comma after “thank you.” This is the most common way of using the phrase, so in most cases you will want that comma. You should also put a comma or a period after “thank you” if it’s the last part of a letter or email before your name or signature.

How do you use both correctly?

As a pronoun, ‘both’ indicates that two items are being discussed and is therefore used in place of the phrase “the two.” The use of ‘both’ to discuss three or more entities is grammatically incorrect. Both samples were measured. (i.e., The two samples were measured.)

How do you show appreciation without words?

25 Ways to Say “I Appreciate You” Without Using Words

  1. Actions speak louder than words.
  2. #1 Make them their favorite home-cooked meal.
  3. #2 Flowers.
  4. #3 Surprise them with tickets to their favorite show.
  5. #4 Plan a picnic.
  6. #5 Start the shower for them in the morning.
  7. #6 Bring them coffee without having to be asked.
  8. #7 Make them something with your hands.

What do you say after thank you?

10 English Phrases for Responding to “Thank You”

  • You’re welcome.
  • No problem.
  • No worries.
  • Don’t mention it.
  • My pleasure.
  • Anytime.
  • It was the least I could do.
  • Glad to help.

Is it thank you or thank you?

Thank you, thankyou or thank-you? Never hyphenate this word. It’s either ‘Thank you’ or ‘Thankyou’. And most of the time, ‘thank you’ is the correct choice.

Is thank you a complete sentence?

Yes. ‘Thank you. ‘ is a complete sentence in itself. It is an IMPERATIVE SENTENCE.

Should I put exclamation after thank you?

It means someone doesn’t express themselves well. An exclamation point is never appropriate after “ thank you” any more than you would scream “thank you” in someone’s face.

How do you say thank you creatively?

20 Creative Ways To Say Thank You

  1. Make a gift bag.
  2. Give a toast.
  3. Write a poem.
  4. Create your own labels.
  5. Give a gift card.
  6. Send a letter.
  7. Use social media to send a special message.
  8. Make your own digital greeting card.

How do you say thank you without saying thank you?

What would I do without you? / To say thank you is not enough. / I can’t thank you enough.

  1. “What would I do without you? You’re wonderful.”
  2. “I can’t thank you enough. I really need a night off.”

How do you thank someone for their time?

When you’re feeling a deep appreciation for those who have made a difference in your life, use these phrases to show your gratitude:

  1. I appreciate you!
  2. You are the best.
  3. I appreciate your help so much.
  4. I’m grateful to you.
  5. I wanted to thank you for your help.
  6. I value the help you’ve given me.

How do you thank someone for blessing you?

Good Words of Thanks Messages

  1. I am so grateful for the things you did for me.
  2. What a blessing you’ve been.
  3. Bless your generosity!
  4. A heartfelt thank you for all that you’ve done.
  5. You made my day!
  6. Our highest gratitude and appreciation – we are so grateful for your support.
  7. Magnificent!