What are Atrauman dressings impregnated with?

What are Atrauman dressings impregnated with?

What are Atrauman dressings impregnated with?

The impregnation contains (INCI assigned names): Caprylic/Capric/Myristik/Stearic Triglyceride; Bis-diglycerylpolyacyladipate-2 and Macrogol 2000. The soft, thin support fabric drapes easily and ensures close contact with the wound base.

What does Atrauman do to a wound?

Atrauman Advantages Protection of wound bed and granulation tissue. Provides skin care by keeping the wound edges soft and supple. Can be applied to acute and chronic wounds of all types. Provides gentle, secure wound care.

What type of dressing is Atrauman?

Dressing properties Atrauman Ag is a low-adherent tulle dressing manufactured from a metallic silver-coated polyamide fabric impregnated with neutral lipids. The dressing is non-medicated, contains no paraffin and leaves no residue.

How often do you change Atrauman dressing?

The efficacy of the barrier dressing lasts for up to seven days. Unless otherwise prescribed by the doctor or medically indicated, a new Atrauman Ag dressing should be applied at each dressing change. The wear time of one dressing shall not exceed seven days.

What does silver do for a wound?

Silver can be used on a variety of wounds to prevent systemic infection and manage wound bed infections successfully. In this era of antimicrobial resistance, silver may be the answer.

What does Inadine do to a wound?

Inadine dressings slowly release iodine on contact, with wound exudate providing antimicrobial killing action on the wound surface. This non-adherent dressing releases iodine at a rate dependent on the amount of wound exudate.

When should you not use Atrauman?

Atrauman® is for the treatment of superficial, acute and chronic, slightly to moderately exuding wounds of all types. Do not use on patients who may be allergic to any of the dressing’s ingredients.

How long can Inadine be left on a wound?

Dressing can last up to 7 days. Fading of the colour of the product indicates the loss of antimicrobial efficacy and indicates when the Inadine dressing should be changed. S&S of local wound infection are resolved within 2 weeks.

What does Aquacel do for a wound?

AQUACEL® Foam dressing is powered by Hydrofiber® technology which: Absorbs wound fluid and creates a soft gel, maintaining a moist wound environment. Locks in exudate through vertically wicking, reducing the risk of maceration. Helps minimize pain while in place and during dressing changes.

How long should silver dressings be used for?

It is recommended that silver dressings are used for 2 weeks in the first instance to assess effectiveness for the patient and wound. After 2 weeks, reassess the wound. If there are still signs of infection, continue and reassess every 2 weeks, documenting outcome and decision to continue.