What does it mean when you get error 2 on Btrieve?

What does it mean when you get error 2 on Btrieve?

What does it mean when you get error 2 on Btrieve?

Btrieve status code 2 Description : A data file or an index file is corrupted. The error occurs when reading or writing to the disk. Common Cause: Faulty hardware, power interruption or Operating System malfunction. Corrective Action: Contact Technical Services at (800) 237-8435 for assistance in attempting to recover the affected file.

How do I fix Btrieve error code 81?

Btrieve status code 81 Description: The file being accessed is ‘locked’. Common Cause: An Operating System error terminated CertiflexDimension without releasing all files. Corrective Action: Reboot the affected workstation. If this does not correct the problem, have the network administrator reboot the server.

What does Btrieve error code 25 mean?

That is to say, if you try to search Btrieve Error Code 25, you should search “025” instead of “25.” The specified operation does not exist or is not valid. You may receive this error if you are running a general-release version of the V8 client software against a pre-release version of the V8 database engine.

Why does Btrieve return status code 88?

Now, when you attempt to take the files out of continuous operation, a Status Code 88 is returned. In the last case described above, once the server has gone down, the Btrieve engine does not know which files were in continuous operation. Status Code 88 is returned because of this condition.

How to fix the 16th file status code in Btrieve?

In the Btrieve v6.15 DOS or Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 environments, you may received this status code when opening the 16th file in a DOS application running under Windows NT. There may two solutions: Btrieve File handle configuration may be set incorrectly in BTI.CFG. Check BTI.CFG for file handle setting (/h: and /f:) and increase those values.

What does the Expanded Memory Manager error code mean in Btrieve?

Btrieve for DOS returns this status code if it receives an error from the Expanded Memory Manager. This status code usually means that the MicroKernel was unable to save or restore the memory mapping register context, indicating an incompatibility with another application that uses expanded memory.

Why did my Btrieve login and logout fail?

A Btrieve login request failed because the client is already logged into the specified database. A logout can fail if you are not logged in to a database or there are remaining open file handles to the database when the logout is attempted. The URI connection string was formatted incorrectly.