What does Mugi play in K-on?

What does Mugi play in K-on?

What does Mugi play in K-on?

the keyboard
Tsumugi Kotobuki ( 琴吹 ことぶき 紬 つむぎ , Kotobuki Tsumugi), otherwise known as Mugi (むぎ) is one of the 5 main characters in K-ON! She is a wealthy, cheery, cute girl with a gentle personality who plays the keyboard and is the main musical composer in the band Ho-kago Tea Time.

Is Mugi like Ritsu?

The two do not have the closest relationship among the HTT members, but Mugi has always enjoyed Ritsu’s company.

Is Mugi from K-on Finnish?

Mugi is only part Japanese. Unnatural hair colors are absent in K-On, with the exception of blonde Mugi (blonde hair is, of course, pretty rare in Japan).

Who does Mugi have a crush on?

Akane Minagawa Akane is the person that Mugi has feelings for where she was his home tutor and he’s had feelings for her since then. Mugi knows that her true self is not the one she shows at school; it’s simply a mask of a kind, clumsy music teacher.

What does Mugi mean in Japanese?

Noun. 麦 むぎ • (mugi) (broadly speaking) dry-cultivated cereal grain.

What does Mugi mean in English?

(of animals) to moo, bellow, low. to howl, roar.

Who does Ritsu have a crush on?

Ritsu Tainaka
Crush Mio Akiyama Seijou “Seitekina” Taiyo
Friends Yui Hirasawa Tsumugi Kotobuki Azusa Nakano
Sexuality Homoflexible

Does Mugi have a sister?

She even refers to Mugi as “Onee-chan” (Older Sister) in High School, Chapter 8. Sumire was Mugi’s only playmate, as Mugi’s gifted upbringing often led to her not having time to play with other same-aged children.

How strong is tsumugi?

Tsumugi is apparently very strong, as in the anime she is seen carrying loads of heavy equipment without breaking a sweat, including her Triton Extreme, which weighs 16.9kg / 37.26 pounds. She also knocked Akira over with a “light strike”.