What happened at the end of NCIS last season?

What happened at the end of NCIS last season?

What happened at the end of NCIS last season?

During the season finale, Wickersham’s Bishop confessed to leaking classified NSA documents (even though she didn’t) and quit her job in the NCIS to go undercover as a disgraced agent. Bishop kissed Nicholas Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) goodbye and said she would be gone for a long time.

Who dies in season 15 of NCIS?

Then in season 15, Clayton Reeves (Duane Henry) was out to dinner with Abby (Pauley Perrette) when he was gunned down by a man they thought was a mugger.

Which NCIS character resigned 2015?

It was announced that Jennifer Esposito, who portrayed NCIS agent Alexandra Quinn, had departed and would be replaced by Maria Bello as Agent Jackie Sloane — a new series regular, beginning with episode 15:5.

Who dies in season 13 NCIS?

Ziva David was killed in Season 13 of NCIS in an attack, though it happened off-screen.

Does Abby come back to NCIS after season 15?

Pauley Perrette – Abby Sciuto Asked by a fan whether she would return to the show in 2019, she tweeted: “NO I AM NOT COMING BACK! EVER!

What episode is Ziva killed?

They apparently attempted to reconcile at some point, though, according to Ziva, they divorced when she was 13 due to Eli’s indiscretions with a female Mossad operative. In the Season 9 episode “Safe Harbor”, it is confirmed that she is deceased, having been “killed” prior to the beginning of the series.

What was Jenny Shepard dying of?

Jennifer “Jenny” Shepard was the Director of NCIS from 2005 until she was killed in action in 2008, dying from injuries sustained in a gunfight in an abandoned diner during the NCIS Season 5 finale, Judgment Day Part 1 (episode).

Did Torres leave NCIS?

It turns out that the reports—including ours—of Wilmer Valderrama’s exit from his role as Special Agent Nick Torres on NCIS may be greatly exaggerated and that he will be returning for season 20 of the CBS drama.