What is 85 ps and 110 ps in Duster?

What is 85 ps and 110 ps in Duster?

What is 85 ps and 110 ps in Duster?

The Renault Duster 85PS is powered by the K9K 1,461 cc common-rail diesel engine that puts out 84 bhp of power at 3,750 rpm and 200 Nm of torque at 1,900 rpm. The 110PS version has a variable geometry turbocharger developing more boost and power from the same engine, with a six-speed manual transmission.

Is Duster RXL DCI Top Model?

Renault Duster [2012-2015] 85 PS RxL Diesel (Opt) is the top model in the Duster [2012-2015] lineup and the price of Duster [2012-2015] top model is ₹ 11.57 Lakh.It returns a certified mileage of 20.45 kmpl.

What are the problems in Renault Duster?

Duster has a regular issue of (Engine part called) High pressure pump which delivers Diesel from Diesel tank to Engine. If you buy New duster, warranty conditions for this High Pressure pump is for 4 years or 80,000 kms whichever exceeded first.

How do I know if my duster is 110 or 85?

So depending on where you expect to drive the Duster – choose between the 110PS RXL or the 85PS Option pack. The latter gives you more safety features as well for the same price, but is lower on power, while the former gives you more power, but knocks off a few features.

How do I know if my duster is 110PS or 85PS?

Rest – in terms of features as you comparing Duster 85 PS Rxl Plus with 110 PS Rxl, 85PS Version has Dual Front Airbags vis a vis Driver Side Airbag in 110PS. While its 110PS Version has double barrel smoked headlights which is missing in 85 PS Version.

Is Duster available in diesel?

Renault Duster [2019-2020] 110 PS RXS 4×4 Opt Diesel is available in Manual transmission and offered in 7 colours: Caspian Blue, Mahogany Brown, Slate Grey, Outback Bronze, Moonlight Silver, Pearl White and Cayenne Orange.

What is the difference between 85 ps and 110 ps?

Power comparison It has a kerb-weight of 1240 Kg, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of 67.7 bhp per ton. However, where the 85PS is better is that it does not have much turbo lag, making it very drivable n the city with fewer gear changes required compared to the 110PS variant which has noticeable turbo lag.