What is Lindsey Haun doing now?

What is Lindsey Haun doing now?

What is Lindsey Haun doing now?

Lindsey Haun Haun’s resume also features soundtrack, costume designer and music department credits — and she previously worked as a composer on 2017’s Miscreants. She cohosted a web series with husband Nick amid the COVID-19 crisis in 2020 called, the “Nick and Lindsey Morning Show.”

Who plays Beatrice in Voyager?

Lindsey Haun
Lindsey Haun (born 21 November 1984; age 37) played the character of Beatrice Burleigh in the Star Trek: Voyager first and second season episodes “Learning Curve” and “Persistence of Vision”.

Who plays Hadley in True Blood?

Today we found out who would be playing said Hadley. Lindsey Haun, singer and the former lead vocalist of hard rock band 7th Fall (and also one of the leads of Paddy Breathnach’s Shrooms), landed the gig; and she wrote all about it in her MySpace blog: First of all, “True Blood”!

Who plays Sookie’s cousin on True Blood?

Lindsey Haun Cast as Sookie’s Cousin on True Blood.

Who plays Althea on Gilmore Girls?

Dana Davis
“Gilmore Girls” Say Something (TV Episode 2005) – Dana Davis as Althea – IMDb.

Who is Lindsey Haun?

Lindsey Haun (born November 21, 1984) is an American actress, singer, and director. She is known for her role as Hadley on the HBO television series True Blood.

Who played Belle in Voyager?

Belle was played by Lindsey Haun.

Who plays Tesla in glee?

Dana Davis (I)

Who plays Jordan Norris on Criminal Minds?

Lindsey Haun was born in Los Angeles in 1984. She started acting when she was 3 in a Little Caesars…

What happened to Hadley in True Blood?

Later in the books in From Dead to Worse, Sookie discovers Hadley’s past: she was married to Remy Savoy and gave birth to a son named Hunter Savoy (who looks just like her), who also has mind-reading skills, like Sookie. She is portrayed by Lindsey Haun as Hadley Hale in HBO’s television series True Blood.