What is special about May 24th?

What is special about May 24th?

What is special about May 24th?

Observed every year on May 24th, Brother’s Day honors the brothers in our lives.

What national holiday is on May 24?

USA: National Brother’s Day.

What historical event happened on March 24?

On this day – March 24

  • 1999 For the first time in its history, NATO attacks a sovereign country.
  • 1989 Oil tanker Exxon Valdez runs aground in Prince William Sound, Alaska.
  • 1965 Millions watch NASA spacecraft Ranger 9 crash into the Moon.
  • 1896 Aleksander Popov achieves the world’s first radio transmission.

What important things happened on April 24th?

On this day – April 24

  • 2013 1129 people die in Bangladesh in the worst building collapse disaster in modern history.
  • 2005 Joseph Ratzinger is inaugurated as Pope Benedict XVI.
  • 1990 The Hubble Space Telescope is launched into Earth orbit.
  • 1957 The Suez Canal reopens after the Suez Crisis.

Who was born on 24th May?

Actress Priscilla Presley is 75.

What happened on May 24th 2007?

2007 Israel-Gaza conflict: Israeli soldiers arrest 33 Hamas figures in Nablus, West Bank, including one cabinet member, Palestinian Education Minister Naser al-Shaer. (AFP via ABC Australia) Palestinians fire eight Qassam rockets from the Gaza Strip towards the western Negev.

Is May 24 2021 a holiday today?

What is the 83rd day of the year?

March 24
March 24 is the 83rd day of the year (84th in leap years) in the Gregorian calendar; 282 days remain until the end of the year.

Which day is celebrated on 24 April?

24 April – National Panchayati Raj Day National Panchayati Raj Day is celebrated every year on 24 April in India. On this day Constitution came into force with effect on 24 April 1993. In 2010 the first National Panchayati Raj Day was celebrated.

What national day is it April 24?