What is the best trade to learn 2020?

What is the best trade to learn 2020?

What is the best trade to learn 2020?

Top Trade Jobs

  1. Network Architect—$135,444.
  2. Database Administrator—$85,778.
  3. Cardiovascular Technologist—$81,000.
  4. Project Construction Manager—$86,000.
  5. Radiation Therapist—$85,500.
  6. Dental Hygienist—$74,000.
  7. Diagnostic Medical Sonographer—$68,000.
  8. Elevator Mechanic—$67,000.

How long does it take to become a medical records clerk?

How long does it take to finish the medical clerk job training program? Students usually finish the 720-hour program in 7-8 months.

Can you go from CMA to RN?

With the Medical Assistant to RN Program or CMA to RN, you can achieve an accelerated nursing degree by bypassing many of your prerequisite courses by testing-out of them.

How much money does a medical records clerk make?

Hourly Wage for Medical Records Clerk Salary

Percentile Hourly Pay Rate Location
10th Percentile Medical Records Clerk Salary $14 US
25th Percentile Medical Records Clerk Salary $15 US
50th Percentile Medical Records Clerk Salary $17 US
75th Percentile Medical Records Clerk Salary $19 US

How much does a hospital clerk make an hour?

What Is the Average Unit Clerk Salary by State

State Annual Salary Hourly Wage
California $25,831 $12.42
Vermont $25,700 $12.36
South Carolina $25,681 $12.35
Colorado $25,644 $12.33

How much RN make a hour?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, RNs made $34.48 per hour in 2018. California RNs led the way with a whopping $51.42 mean hourly wage, with the Salinas, CA Metro Area coming in with an hourly mean wage of $63.32 and all the top paying metro areas coming from within California.

How long does it take to go from CMA to RN?

How long it takes to go from medical assistant to nurse depends on the nursing degree medical assistants pursue. An associate degree in nursing (ADN) will take 2 complete at FVI School of Nursing, while a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree will likely take 4 years.

What is the easiest trade to get into?

5 Booming Trade Careers That Don’t Require Student Loans

  • Wind Turbine Technicians. According to the BLS, wind turbine technician is the fastest-growing occupation in the U.S. Plus, working on wind turbines means you’re contributing to an important source of green energy.
  • Electricians.
  • Elevator Mechanics.
  • Industrial Maintenance Mechanic.
  • HVACR Technicians.

What are the duties of a medical records clerk?

A Medical Records Clerk is in charge of managing patient health files in a facility. Also known as Health Information Clerks, their duties include filing records, assisting in audits, and collecting information. The requirements for this role include a high school diploma and proven work experience.

Is medical records technician a good job?

A career as a medical records technician provides an excellent opportunity for detail-oriented individuals who enjoy the privilege and responsibility of ensuring top quality care without the patient contact that most healthcare positions require.